Oh my

Remember when Tor Thorsen wrote this on GameSpot:

The prospect of an Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion-style RPG in a Road Warrior-like world has sparked more than a little interest in Fallout 3.[…]

Many are looking forward to Fallout 3 being “Oblivion with Mutants”

Ironically it seems Oblivion with Mutants on the Fallout world is good for GameSpot, but CounterStrike with Magic isn’t, because it departs too much from Shadowrun’s roots. I find this really ironic.

Speaking of GameSpot do you want to bet they are going to pick this poll and sooner or later twist it into “proof” that people want Oblivion with Guns?


The folks at Games for Windows were asked by 1UP to give their opinions about the Fallout 3 teaser trailer and the result was hilarious. Although the entire thing feels like a clumsy attempt to help out Bethesda to sell the Oblivion with Guns idea to Fallout for the casual gamers, it resulted in a series of bloopers and lunatic statements that really made me laugh out loud quite a bit, just read this:

So yup, this is Fallout. I’m also now completely convinced it’s gonna be some first-person Oblivion-style thing.

Maybe it’s because I read comic books, but changed up creative teams aren’t always alarming. In fact, if Bethesda decides to take a radically different direction with Fallout 3, I’d rather that than a dull remake.

The second I heard the first few notes from The Ink Blots, my mind raced back to the late 1990s

As it stands right now, the only taste I’m getting is of a roid-riddled tough guy (Ron Pearlman) in armor spouting toughguy tawk: “War never changes.” Indeed!

Actually, to play devil’s paralegal, I think the only thing that gave me pause was Hellboy uttering that line right at the end. Yeah, we’re talking about a friggin’ trailer, but if you play some soldier, that strikes me as kinda…well, obvious.

Best comedy this year, two thumbs up!


5 thoughts on “Oh my

  1. Man I just don’t understand. You say it made you laugh? Maybe that’s just you being almost twice as old as me, or maybe its me being a little less detached to fallout or whatever, I don’t know. Reading this kind of reactions, not only from 1up but from everywhere, makes me feel as bad as piece of ruined garbage out in the wasteland. If this is what the industry has to offer the world, then they can all go to hell… Guys like these are killing the industry, and are killing themselves at the same time (metaphorically speaking). I don’t give a fuck about them but I care about some parts of the industry… Fallout is dead, I know, I know, but MAN, these guys are just jerks! How is it even possible that someone even bothers to regularly read what they write?! Or play what they “make”… -_-

    And knowing Bethesda does games for this kind of people doesn’t do me any good…

    Christ… Ç__Ç

  2. i think im gona puke. o goodness… its .. its almost unbelievable
    my goods, i hope that bethesda is my enemy, b, b, b, , but after this.. its fokin obviously who push that button. stupidity, stupidity newer caching… newer

  3. yeah… and it all gets worse when you hear a self proclaimed true fallout fan (like myself) saying: “OMG! War, war never changes! The best easter egg evar!!1”

    Now WTF?! Why don’t this people all go ram a fork right in their eyes huh? I heard it gets them 10000 achievement points!

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