Good Fallout 2 Modding

End Screen from Fallout:BG&E

Off topic now, but I love Fallout: Between Good and Evil, the FO2 total conversion, to pass this out:

So, you know the saying – better late than never. We aren’t quite happy that the last post on this page is from May, but we were sort of too interested in the mod to post any news. Let’s hope some new images will prevent you from stoning us to death.



Ingame art

There’s more there, do check it out. Great work guys


Fallout: BGE

Image Tower of Creation

I’ve already talked about Fallout: Between Good and Evil, a Fallout 2 total conversion made by the Czech modding group Tower of Creation. For those that missed it here’s what they have been up to:

Fallout: Between Good & Evil is a freely distributed modification using Fallout 2 engine.

The mod is being developed since 2005 and it aims to offer experience which Bethesda’s Fallout 3 can’t or doesn’t want to provide: prequel of events on the West Coast of US, very complex dialogues / quests and turn-based combat in 2D isometric view. Currently, more than twenty people actively prepare the game with the release date Christmas 2009. Our work should bring you back memories of Fallout, Fallout 2 PC games and will have many references to Van Buren and the Cold War.

Now my friend Jesterka sent news that they have a new update on their site, with some cool art. Must see stuff.

Ground Zero


Let me present to you Ground Zero, an RPG/tactical combat mod made with the Doom 3 engine:

The player will traverse cross-country (via 2D map) between a number of urban centers, divided between three rival factions. He is not alone however, as each city generates raiding parties that seek out and destroy rival armies and lay siege to enemy cities. Established cities grow in population over time, becoming more powerful, and NPCs in every party will be persistent and gain experience in a simple form. For now, factions will always remain neutral toward the player character, but the user can choose to have his/her character intervene in ongoing battles on behalf of either side. The game will “end” when one faction dominates the wasteland.

A curious characteristic of this mod is the use of a turn based system of combat:

We love both TB and RT combat, we just feel that they emphasize different aspects of the game and have decided to go with the former. We can expose a lot more intricacies this way, and keep things much deadlier, without it becoming an eye-mouse coordination test. (Jagged Alliance and X-Com are huge influences on our approach). We’d like to think that taking turns for each action will close some loopholes common to traditional TB games, and keep the pacing a little bit faster.

If it can be done with the Doom 3 tools maybe one day it could be done with the Fallout 3 tools, who knows.

Great job Ground Zero team.

Fallout 2: Restoration Project is Out!


A bit off topic but I just had to promote this:

The day of release has finally come. It has taken me about almost 2 years to get this complete and yet I still believe I can find stuff to add. The purpose of this mod is to add back into the game all the content that was originally planned by the Fallout 2 devs. You will find about 6 new locations (some quite large, other smaller) as well as a few new areas to old locations. In addition, almost every town in the game has new content whether it is new characters, quests, or items. Playing this will definitely be a new experience. Completion of this expansion would also not have been possible without several individuals who I thank in the readme of this mod. Big thanks to all of you!

Windows Installer Version (recommended): download / mirror at NMA
Windows Manual Version (“advanced users”): download
Mac Version: At the moment, there is no Mac version for this mod. This mod requires Timeslip’s tweaks for several things and his tweaks only work with Windows.

Excellent job Killap! You can find more about this on this topic at NMA.

Between Good and Evil


A message from Tower of Creation, the modding group behind the Fallout: Between Good and Evil total conversion:

Relatively long time has passed since we updated our webpage which is usually a signal of a certain “zombie” condition of the mod – in case of Fallout: BGE, that is not true. We have worked very hard and probably more than ever [/propaganda]. Thanks to last four months of constant endeavour, we can promise complete English translation of the game, new animations, critters, graphic sets and probably even talking heads.

Several new images are accessible in our galleryAvrocar by Nyibelunger, characters’ concept art (Zahartof) and several dialogues from Czech version (English screenshots will be as soon as Crow creates them, come back in January).

To hasten the development, we still seek scripters and people skilled (!) in converting art for Fallout (we have art, but not enough people to convert it to frm). If you feel you can help, contact us using forum or email. We also appreciate freelancers, who contribute with single assignments (art, sound, music, video,…)In longer term, we are looking forward to welcoming English proofreader(s) in our team, artist with passion for video and several Polish, Russian or other translators – depends on number of Fallout fan(atics) in each country.

Well, as lousy carols in every shop suggest, we should wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, hopefully without any need for Vaults and fallout shelters. See you in January!

Looking at their art on the top of this post and in the following example the mod is getting better and better. All the best to them!

2avrocarpreview.jpg 1avrocar3preview.png

The real Avrocar     Avrocar from ToC

Modding Time


The funniest Morrowind mod ever was just released:

Todd Howard’s mischievous inner child has finally found his way into Morrowind. Adventure with Mostly-Mini Todd as he takes you through every part of Vvardenfell in the continuing search for friends, treasure, and adventure.

Funny stuff, on the Fallout modding community there are news too, with the beginning of real work of a Fallout inspired game with the project name True Sequel, and the release of the demo for Fallout 2s total conversion Mutants Rising. All the best for both teams.