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End Screen from Fallout:BG&E

Off topic now, but I love Fallout: Between Good and Evil, the FO2 total conversion, to pass this out:

So, you know the saying – better late than never. We aren’t quite happy that the last post on this page is from May, but we were sort of too interested in the mod to post any news. Let’s hope some new images will prevent you from stoning us to death.



Ingame art

There’s more there, do check it out. Great work guys


Howard in PAX MP3

Picture Joystiq

Picture Joystiq

Joystiq has an audio interview with Todd Howard:

In an interview with Bethesda executive producer Todd Howard we discussed Fallout 3’s lack of a MOD support and this generation of consoles. While Howard admits the team wants to add support for user generated content he confesses adding the feature — which was included in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion — is a daunting task for a team eager to complete the epic adventure.

Also check their puppet gallery.

Fallout: BGE

Image Tower of Creation

I’ve already talked about Fallout: Between Good and Evil, a Fallout 2 total conversion made by the Czech modding group Tower of Creation. For those that missed it here’s what they have been up to:

Fallout: Between Good & Evil is a freely distributed modification using Fallout 2 engine.

The mod is being developed since 2005 and it aims to offer experience which Bethesda’s Fallout 3 can’t or doesn’t want to provide: prequel of events on the West Coast of US, very complex dialogues / quests and turn-based combat in 2D isometric view. Currently, more than twenty people actively prepare the game with the release date Christmas 2009. Our work should bring you back memories of Fallout, Fallout 2 PC games and will have many references to Van Buren and the Cold War.

Now my friend Jesterka sent news that they have a new update on their site, with some cool art. Must see stuff.

Socratic Construction


We still don’t know if there will be a construction set for Fallout 3, but in the event of that happening than you won’t be able to create a pure Oblivion with guns, according to Matt “Gstaff” Grandstaff:

I checked with our folks in legal. You’re not supposed to be able to take content from Morrowind and put it into an Oblivion mod, so it wouldn’t work to take stuff from Oblivion and put it into Fallout 3, or vice versa.

Still on the Bethesda Games Fallout 3 Forum here are some thoughts of Ricardo “socrates200x” Gonzalez on the original Fallout:

1. What do you think of child killing in fallout past games and what porpose it had (in you opinion) in those games?

To be honest, I never tried it out. Slaver-killing, check. Mutie-killing, check. Never crossed-off child-killing with any of my characters; even my bad-ass ones just ignored them, or at worst, stole back whatever those urchins in The Den stole from me. What do I think the purpose of killing a child was? Hmm..depends on why you did it, I guess.

2. What differences do you see between super mutants from fallout 1 and from fallout 3? Or what do you see (what makes them look original, color, eyes or so) that makes them look as they do in Fallout 1?

From the screenshots we’ve seen, I’d say the two big differences I spot are the lack of the endearing lip-holster and less bulky shoulders. Overall, I guess the new mutants are more anthropomorphically toned. Maybe they found some old Pilates holotapes?

3. Which is your favorite settlement or organization of past fallout games (fallout 1 & 2)?

Any of the BoS centers, those bastions of sweet tech and swishing doors. I especially dug talking to the half-sentient ZAX in San Francisco that was starting to lose it a little and just beginning to figure out was “it” was.

Those questions came from KTTDestroyer.

Fallout 2: Restoration Project is Out!


A bit off topic but I just had to promote this:

The day of release has finally come. It has taken me about almost 2 years to get this complete and yet I still believe I can find stuff to add. The purpose of this mod is to add back into the game all the content that was originally planned by the Fallout 2 devs. You will find about 6 new locations (some quite large, other smaller) as well as a few new areas to old locations. In addition, almost every town in the game has new content whether it is new characters, quests, or items. Playing this will definitely be a new experience. Completion of this expansion would also not have been possible without several individuals who I thank in the readme of this mod. Big thanks to all of you!

Windows Installer Version (recommended): download / mirror at NMA
Windows Manual Version (“advanced users”): download
Mac Version: At the moment, there is no Mac version for this mod. This mod requires Timeslip’s tweaks for several things and his tweaks only work with Windows.

Excellent job Killap! You can find more about this on this topic at NMA.

Construction Set Wikis


As we already know there’s no confirmation if there will be a Construction Set for Fallout 3.

Still if you are a modder interested in working with on the game be sure to check the Elder Scrolls Construction Set wiki, where you can start familiarizing yourself with the game engine and tools and the modding possibilities it has.

Don’t forget to check the Vault Tec Labs wikia too, for a more specific Fallout modding space.