Weekend Edition

Yet another reader and friend starts a gaming blog, this time I wish all the best to Morbus and his megascore.biz gaming blog and will check it daily, it’s a promise.


Remember when we first saw some news about I am Legend, and even checked on some pictures of the shooting of the film? Now you can watch a teaser too (thanks Killzig and other ten anonymous)

Speaking of post apoc movies check this promo for Resident Evil: Extinction, nice.


Gamedaily posted something about Fallout 3 a few days ago:

The two most major and confirmed announcements about the game were a relief.The rumor mill says Fallout 3 will continue to use the series’ SPECIAL (i.e. Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck) character attribute system. Rumor also says characters from previous games will make return appearances; though they’ll need to travel from Southern California (the setting for the first two games) to Washington, D.C., the major metropolitan area in the game. This change would be a good move for Bethesda since it will help keep the game fresh and allow the development team to create a new history for the series (and cheap assets since the developer is located a few miles from the D.C. border).

Notice that they had to take a step back and instead of talking about confirmed announcements they are dealing with that info as rumors. Still the part about Washington seems uncontroversial, the part about SPECIAL is something expected since Duck And Covers interview to Todd Howard in 2005, where this was stated:

Will you be using the SPECIAL system in Fallout 3?
Yes, we have rights to it and plan on using it.

And in the case of NPC comebacks, i don’t know if there are going to be any, but at least one NPC will share the name of a famous Fallout character, I’ve shown it as an easter egg somewhere on my blog, go and find it…


Tor Thorsen had this to say on Gamespot podcast The Hot Spot:

And the trailer also confirms other stuff, they won’t say, but thoughout development they’ve leaked the location of Washington DC; and in the background you can see a very Washington Monument looking kind of oblisk in the background right in the middle and stuff. So, it’s probably going to be in DC, it’s basically going to be Oblivion with mutants in DC, which sounds damn good to me.

Seems pretty boring to me, is that all Bethsoft can make?