Teaser trailer- for 4Too


8 thoughts on “Teaser trailer- for 4Too

  1. Being stuck with Fedora right now, you saved me a lot of trouble.So a big thank you from, too, Briosafreak. I’ll try to get to the high res version one of these days. I’ll reserve the rest of my comments until then.

  2. Thanks Again

    This is my Saturday,lawn mowed, ravaged some weeds.
    Started on the Beck’s.
    Learned the terrible truth of the teaser’s size.
    Shaved-sh-t’n’showered and went to the local library.
    Wi-Fi’ed to this old Mac, 2 versions in about an hour. Both too much for the laptop.
    The PC game machine bunkered at the ’50’s stucco starter money pit has a newer vid card. Will try full screen then.

    Flew the 4too flag at NMA, the kid’z don’t like this ‘n’ that, po’ kid’z. Enjoyed the the hard chairs and the ‘free’ AC . 2% local income tax in Ohio, so what is “”free””? All paid for.

    This YooToob version is perfect for those with utility ‘pooters.
    Add one carmal cluster to your “At-a-Boy” merit badge.

    Will try for some of the Bioshock vid’s, the latest guns akimbo
    TRaider demo, for scientific purposes only.

    The teaser … short version?
    Well executed, back panning, establishing shot, with dramatic sonic sting as the Pow-ah Arm-ah Mahn posed for effect.


  3. I’m not sure what people were expecting, me included. It’s an effective collage of easily recognized Fallout elements but other than that, there’s not much else to go on about. Faced with a complete lack of information regarding gameplay, some fans are trying to criticize its general direction or adherence to canon… But it’s just a teaser, and one that only says “we have this thing called Fallout and we’re making a game from it”.

    In the end, its greatest achievement was perhaps not that it was released but that the power of the often derided “fans of no importance” seemed to have crashed the Bethesda server in feverish anticipation. How much of a disturbance in the Force, I wonder, would result from a piss poor Fallout 3?

    Also, Ron Pearlman = bitchin’!

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