Atomic Ninjas talk Fallout 3

In late August I reported that No Mutants Allowed got inside the Fallout 3 demo presentations and got a few Q&A sessions with Pete Hines. They went to the Bethesda Games Fallout 3 forum and replied to questions about their viewing of the Fallout 3 demo. You can find part 1 here, part 2 here, part 3 here, part 4 here, part 5 is here, part 6 here.

Or you can scroll down and read everything here! Thanks to everyone that posted the questions, and kudos to Brother None and Suaside, the intrepid Atomic Ninjas!



To my knowledge [BN], you do not have to have had visual contact with an enemy for them to go on the view board (what a sentence)
Basically, you can auto-target anything which is tagged by your perception to be within your “sensory range,” which probably includes hearing and seeing. I don’t think Pete spotted the supermutant before auto targeting him.

Is there a enemy locater such as it was in Far Cry displayed in the main HUD all the time which will show hostiles and friendlies as dots in red or green color?

Yes, but with the note that I don’t remember seeing it when NPCs were *far off*. It seems to be a compensation for the lack of first-person peripheral vision more than anything. Though I *think* it functioned in the vault when the NPCs were behind the wall, but I’m not sure on that.
There’s a good chance that both this red/green dot stuff and the VATS auto-targeting is influenced by the same calculation made by perception, but I don’t know

Thinking about that kind of thing, how does VATS work out movement for the player?

To my memory, the PC never moved while V.A.T.S. actions were playing out. Whether or not this is possible I don’t know, but it seems to me like it’d be manual, not the computer figuring it out

There is something I am really worried about you didn’t talk about the environments like they were amazing?
Environmental graphics were great. The use of parallax mapping really shows and some of the ruins look fantastic. Like I said, the “style” is kind of up and down, but the quality is consistently good.

Did they remind you of any movies. Where they really detailed.

Ugh, good question, but no, unless…The Silent City, perhaps. Not so much the classic Fallout influences, like Brazil and City of Lost Children, didn’t notice much of that.

Did it really look at all convincing?

Not sure what you mean there. If you mean, did it look realistic, did it convince me of being a real world…kinda halfway in between. Probably will with better graphics


Is exploring going to be fun?

Couldn’t tell, the demo is railroaded (because you can’t really show a freeroaming demo)

What are the top ten things you liked and disliked personally?

Uh, roughly listed

1. The look of nuclear explosions
2. the Protectron robot
3. The local cult sign
4. The scenic overlook sign
5. The look of the vault
6. The look of the PipBoy
7. The rough impression of dialogue mechanics (not knowing yet how it’ll work on choice and consequences inside dialogue, though)
8. Bits of Megaton
9. The view of the city from Tenpenny Towers
10. The “nice hat, Calamity Jane” line

1. The amount of nuclear explosions
2. The Brotherhood of Steel
3. The Supermutants
4. Mr Handy
5. The DPS concept
6. The overseer’s “goons”
7. The apparent lack of consequences of drugs
8. The look of dialogue
9. The pace of combat
10. The dead people outside of the vault door

I’m 85% sure the 38 character limit is history. Thank Frith for that.

I liked the sound and look of speech mechanics. I’ll have to see more, tho’, a lot was left unclear. Too little speech in the demo.

I’m still not swayed by the whole THE SUPERMUTANTS ARE ORCS thing, as the old ones were basically shrek meets a hardware store.

It’s a tough one. I guess I’m too allergic for generic looks, and this was just too generic for me.

I do not completely understand this bit. I loved the floating texts in Fallout, will this be similar or different (or completely different, nonexistent)?
I also can’t remember the greeting text in Oblivion, so if someone can explain in detail or give examples.

Well, floating texts in Fallout’s had more of a filler or single reply purpose. It didn’t happen (often) that you would walk up to someone and he’d go “come here, I’d like to talk to you,” this happens here. While you’re walking up to the sheriff, he starts talking about Vault 101 and your jumpsuit. You can then chose to initiate dialogue, he doesn’t. I remember Oblivion doing the same.

Since we still have no official screenshots of ladies in Fallout 3, what was your impression of her looks?

She was covered in plated armor with most of her head covered too. So “no impression.” Her face was just a face, not noticeably female from my memory, but better-looking than Oblivion

And the random floating texts (from bums and such) are replaced by speech or are they present?

No floating text. They’re talking, RAI-Oblivion style. Examples include the people in Megaton carrying on a conversation I couldn’t quite catch, the guy praying to the unexploded nuke and the man and woman in Moriarty’s bar

So not even in the demo did they show any women, properly *sigh*

Well, I *think* one of the NPCs chatting in Megatron was a woman, and one of the NPCs in Moriarty’s bar definitely was, but I didn’t get a close look at either, I was scribbling.

I’m especially curious about AI and how ‘far’ they got in programming it yet after the description of some of the gameplay.

Depends on what AI. A lot of events looked scripted to me. Combat AI was sloppy according to SuAside (I wasn’t paying attention to that)

If I read it right the Nukepult did damage but ’seemingly’ no area damage?

The BoS also took no notice of standing in/near the blast radius of an exploding car. I think something was wrong with their damage reaction, period. Maybe they were just immortal for sake of the demo.

And you saw shooting with projectile weapons and with laser – anything else? And did the effects differ? (When hitting a target)

Hunting rifle, Chinese assault rifle, laser gun, Fatman. That’s all you see the PC use, NPCs also bite (ants) and swing with super sledges and a fire hydrant.
I did not see the effects or death animations differ (the Behemoth appeared to have a separate, special death animation). Laser didn’t have a different effect from bullets that I could see.
I do remember seeing one supermutant reach for his right shoulder with his left hand after being hit there in slow motion.

So is the Behemoth a USA (Ultra Super Mutant) or is it something different? (from what I have seen from the Behemoth, i find them “better” looking then the SM, or at least having more character and more buffed like the original ones)

The Behemoth is unexplained beyond being “the super mutant endboss”

He uses a fire hydrant for a weapon and keeps a shopping cart on his back to stuff corpses in, so I guess he might be a less intelligent, brutal type. But it’s left unexplained.
He did indeed look quite cool, and pretty “different”. (SuAside disagrees and thinks he looked bad, but I liked him, somewhat, I just hated the way he was introduced).

The Behemoth looks more like an experiment gone horrible wrong. Like they injected someone with massive amounts of BuffOut and then dumped him into FEV vats.

You made your way from the Vault to one town, to/through the subways and into the ‘city’ itself.
All done on foot or was there some kind of transportation in the subway?
I mean did it give you a sense of scale of the world?

All is on foot. I believe another interview already stated the subways don’t work, and from the look of it I’m not surprised, most tracks have rubble on them and all remaining trains are wrecked, not to mention the metro tunnels are mutant territory. I think the entire game is on foot.
Nope, no sense of scale. The point from the Vault exit through Sprinvale through Megaton was pretty dense, and that might be like that in the final version, but from there the build kind of “cheats” and teleports the PC from location to location rather than walking the entire distance. At least that’s the impression I got, you seem a lot farther from Megaton (at least a mile or 5) than the PC walked in the tunnels.


I’m glad you asked (and Gizmo, too).
Really good, actually. Someone at Bethesda must’ve paid attention to La Jetee, and the whole idea of “implied motion in still images.”

It’s a lot like the Fallout intro in that sense. After the teaser we all know, during Perlman’s talk (which sounds better than it reads, though he pauses too much, which detracts from it as a whole), you see brown-tinted black and white images. First pure stills (skeletons, tombstones), then the actual nuclear war, with vague implications of movement and actual movement (of mushroom clouds in the distance).
It worked very well, though it didn’t have the impact of the originals (probably because I was too prepared for it). The timing is good, it’s just slightly stretched out. Like I said, too much pausing.

Is there any of those lovely grainy camera shots or pipboy cartoons like in the first Fallout’s? I always loved that style.

You mean Vault Boy. Careful there or you will feel my NERD RAGE
But no, no Vault Boy, at least not in the style of “instructional video” of Fallout 2.
They seem to have replaced the idea of grainy camera shots with weathered postcards. It’s a different visual style, but they transfer similar ideas and it works about equally well.

And the last question for the night from me, did you see what any other stats besides agility do? They seem to have changed up what the stats are responsible for quite a bit from what we’ve seen of the agility screenshot.

Yeah, Endurance, as written in the preview:

Endurance influences HPs, resistances and the big guns and unarmed skills.

Note that since agility influences small guns, endurance big guns and unarmed, strength can be assumed to influence melee (and maybe also big guns and unarmed?) and I have no idea what influence energy weapons.
Yeah, they made a lot of changes. I’ll need more details to see what kind of changes, but so far it seems to make a modicum of sense. This is a good way of making endurance more useful and nerfing the overpowered agility.

PS: oh yeah, and perception. Note perception doesn’t “let you see through walls,” perception just determines how many NPCs are tagged as “within visual range” when in VATS mode. Oddly enough, yes, with high perception “within visual range” does include people behind walls. Makes some sense if you count hearing under perception too (and smell, for mutants)

I’d imagine they’ll give Perception more skills, since with the real time system it’s losing Sequence.

Perception heavily influences VATS and I think influences to-hit percentages (which operate in RT too) already, so it’s not losing much.

I only saw the skill screen for a split second. I *think* I saw all the gun skills, unarmed, melee, speech, barter, science and repair, but I’m very unsure.

Stupidly unimportant question, but when sneak was activated was there a change in animation, reduced speed?
Obviously change in animation would not be noticeable if the camera was in FPP.

Camera was FPP, so I don’t know. I think the PC slowed down a bit, don’t remember how much.
Pete had an easy time of it sneaking past the supermutants. Might’ve been a buffed up sneak skill, too

The whole cannibal thing was bad enough. This reminds me, I think I forgot one thing. Time to check my notes…

Oh yeah, two other stats that showed up besides “corpses eaten:”
“unique weapons created” (or “crafted,” my handwriting got a bit scribbly there)

Stupid I forgot to note that down. Oh well, consider it a Bethesda forums exclusive.

The Agility one was in the PipBoy screenshot.

Nonetheless, endurance? Totally unintended. Just like corpses eaten or dismemberments.


Does this mean that entities that are not part of a scripted event have NO perception of the event?

Pretty much. So heavily limited RAI in the demo.

Was there any mention of Burke being a real estate developer, or was it just a bad joke of one of the other previewers?

None that I remember.

Anyway, Brother None, during the demo did you notice any instances of bartering? Also, what did the inventory look like? More like Fallout or more like Oblivion?

No instances of bartering.

I’m not sure I saw the inventory. I saw one screen in which Pete Hines flipped between different weapons (two Chinese assault rifles and a hunting rifle), which was a PipBoy interface screen; just lines of text for the weapon, and as you choose them you’ll see Vault Boy equipped with them on the right hand side* plus the stats (not a lot of ‘em, definitely simplified).

The interface he used to use stimpaks looked similar. Not pictures of the items, like in the Fallout interface, but just descriptions and use. This might have just been a quick interface, tho’.

* what’s Vault Boy doing in a RobCo product? I don’t know.

On the Mr Burke dialogue, would certainly hope that what was reported from the demo: “I represent certain interests”, “Megaton is a blight, want to help me destroy it?” is not the extent of his entreaty (certainly likely to be more, doubt that reveal all in the demo).

That’s not the extent of his entreaty in the demo either; he goes on for about 12+ lines of dialogue.


How realistic would your character be to accept such a weak proposition? I’m sure the monetary gain could not be that large, assuming the quest is early in the game (certainly could be invalid), that would break the economy somewhat.

He doesn’t appeal to anything but your sense of greed and gaining browny points with the group he represents (which he does not identify)

Just noticed that you can ask for 500 caps extra, seems caps are in as currency, guess everyone already knew this, but I must have missed it previously.

Yip, caps as currency. Was known, tho’


Stupidly unimportant question, but when sneak was activated was there a change in animation, reduced speed?
Obviously change in animation would not be noticeable if the camera was in FPP.

I do believe he went into a crouch (or duck a bit) & slowed down a bit. there was as we mentioned a sneakbar in the middle of the screen.

Was there any mention of Burke being a real estate developer, or was it just a bad joke of one of the other previewers?
Well, it’s only an early demo, maybe it will be fixed in the final game.

No mention of it, but he does kinda look like one (which is what I assume was the previewer’s point)

On the Mr Burke dialogue, would certainly hope that what was reported from the demo: “I represent certain interests”, “Megaton is a blight, want to help me destroy it?” is not the extent of his entreaty (certainly likely to be more, doubt they’d reveal all in the demo). How realistic would your character be to accept such a weak proposition? I’m sure the monetary gain could not be that large, assuming the quest is early in the game (certainly could be invalid), that would break the economy somewhat.

Blowing up a town with a nuke for a pittance does look farfetched…
But I usually play a good guy anyway. Kinda my nature.

Just noticed that you can ask for 500 caps extra, seems caps are in as currency, guess everyone already knew this, but I must have missed it previously.

Already noted many times before.
You can also use the caps as shrapnel on an explosive you can craft (why not use tin cans, sheet metal, lead balls or simple bits of metal instead of currency baffles me…).

Did you see any NPC’s eating or drinking and if so was it a repetitive animation or was it better spaced and more realistic? I did not like the eating and drinking animation much in Oblivion and am just wondering if this has been improved upon. Of course I prefer it present to not present at all, but am in hopes it is done a bit better.

No drinking or eating that I could spot.

It’s late and I’m tired so maybe you mentioned it in the article but if so, I’ve missed it. Did you see the “Slow-Mo” camera action that has been talked about and if so, did it work well? Sounds a bit cheesy to me.

Slow-mo bullet cam on each killshot in VATS as far as I could tell.
Yes, it does get tiresome after a while.
What’s Vault Boy doing in a RobCo product? I don’t know.

Client modified firmware.

Does happen if you buy big batches of stuff.

One thing I don’t understand…
“when you’re talking about supermutants, dialogue really isn’t a viable option”
uh? why? do they speak a different language?

They don’t, because you understand them perfectly when they’re discussing what to do with the ticketbot. “lets rip his arms off!”. Very macho, before being cut to shreds by the ticketbot’s fast firing laser arm.

So they’re capable of conversation, but apparently don’t have the inclination (for now) to engage in dialog with a ‘humie’ (unlike in some very notable cases in FO1 and FO2) .


One thing I don’t see in all this… Did you ask or see what is the difference between aiming in VATS and real Time? Does VATS give you higher percentages to hit? Or any other kind of edge over the RT in terms of precision or damage done. Do you actually have a greater chance of scoring a critical from VATS then from RT or is it basically the same thing since precision and chances to hit are stat reliant?

It is touched in the preview, though it isn’t directly said that both chances are equal.
But anyway, real time and VATS both use dierolls for chances to hit. Doesn’t matter if you poke the mutant’s eye out with your laser rifle and pull the trigger. If your energy weapon skill is 10%, you won’t have much a chance to hit the bloke.
As for advantages of VATS: well, the called shots without actually having to aim in real time, being able to reload in VATS and likely to use a stim in VATS? (though that last one wasn’t shown).
Kharn, you mentioned that your audience wasn’t as receptive as Suicide’s. Do you guys remember any media outlets you shared air with in your respective conferences? Did you ‘mingle’ with your peers?

Reporters in my group were Gamespy, GameInformer and GRY online. I couldn’t read the other people’s badges.
I believe that it was the Gamespy dude who boasted that “he had already seen it 3 or 4 times” (could’ve been one of the Gameinformer dudes though).
Prior to the presentation, I wasn’t really inclined to make contact with the other press (I was mulling over my Q&A questions in my head anyway)
After the 45 minute demonstration, Pete said he would do the Q&A outside, (since the conference room was packed and we could see each other face to face). Most of the press simply walked off with their Fallout 3 t-shirts and didn’t attend the Q&A at all. The 2 guys from GRY Online did ask 2 questions (one of which insightful btw, though I can’t remember the exact question). After that it was my turn (and I asked away!). After that I made room for a tv/video interview.
I was hoping to mingle a bit during and after the Q&A (perhaps make them understand that the fallout fanbase and NMA specifically arent ‘rabid fanboys’), but my peers pretty much vanished into thin air.

I know many people here hate the “if you aim, you can still miss” thing, but if it is handled correctly, like an animation where the creature shrugs it off like their amour absorbed it or make it so the shot visually misses, then it is okay in my book. If it actually visually hits him, like in Morrowind, my opinion is that Bethesda could have done a better job and should have.
Brother None, did you notice if this system is more like what I want, or what Morrowind was?

Sua:His shots with the laser rifle were visual misses, even though he aimed more or less correctly.
Did make it look a lil’ ridiculous though, since he was plastering a wall but not the mutant next to it (he shot like 10 times at least).

One question. Did lasers fire bolts or beams?

Sua: By beam you mean it shots a constant ray?
Nah, in that case it’s a bolt. Best thing I could compare it with are the red laserbolts a StarWars X-wing shoots (though in a mansized format obviously).

BN: Bolts, like the originals.


Do you remember what it sounded like? Did it have Fallout sound effects (the quick hiss of something being fired)? And did the enemy fry and fall to the floor in a pile of ashes?

The sound effect was quiet, but Fallout-like, I think. It didn’t seem to have any special effect on the enemy, they reacted as if hit by bullets, but Bethesda might still be working on that.

This means that once PC targets a body part and goes into RT he will continue to target that exact body part with each new shot?
Without the need of targeting again?

Yes. He didn’t queue any actions with me, that’s to say, I don’t think he put in “target leg, then target head,” but I believe from other descriptions that you can.
Pete Hines was *really* familiar with the controls at this point, so it all happened pretty fast. It’s possible that there’s either an option for “keep targeting head” or that it does this automatically, but in both the ant and the supermutant fight he paused once and the PC kept executing the same command until it had success.

I’m always against heavy focus on graphics, but I have to say that from Hines explanation (and a bit of reading up since I was unfamiliar with the technology), the parallax occlusion mapping helps *a lot* on designed a wrecked, ruined world, and it works extremely well on a number of ruins.
The “realistic bullet holes in ground!” thing I can take or leave. But it works well for environmentals, too

Why, oh why is behemoth a colector of corpses which he apparently enjoys carying around on his back?

The Behemoth kind of strikes me as a irrational monster type. A kind of bad version of Frankenstein (Frankenstein’s monster was actually a highly rational though evil being, read the book), a horrible result of an experiment.
Little wrong with the Behemoth itself. Its introduction is stupid and unfitting and its description as an endboss just physically hurts.

The only fallout part of all of this is the vault. Once they go out everything basically falls apart.

Looses much of its consistency. Not really ‘falling apart’.

Hey guys, I got a question regarding the dialogue. When you start to talk to someone and the dialogue options come up, how was that handled, visually? I mean, on the original games, there came up a little HUD thing, you know?

Same as Oblivion.

Well…at least you can still shoot people in the eyes..or there is a chance that when you shoot someone in the head, it may blind them.

You can’t target eyes. Headcrits can blind.

All that said, Brother None, you say that one of the ants got stuck in a tree. What did this tree look like, and how often were trees seen as part of the landscape?

Didn’t see much trees. They all looked dead.

Were the NPC voices very different from one another? Was the voice acting believable?

BN: Very different? No. But different. But I’ve only heard key NPCs talk.
Voice acting was somewhat bland. I hate to rag on Liam since I kinda like him as an actor, but voice acting just isn’t his thing, and it shows here.
Sua: We didn’t have many dialogs, but from random sounds it seemed just fine. Of course hard to tell from such a short and scripted demonstration…
Those that did have longer dialogs, they didnt seem very ’special’. In FO1, each person had his own character and it was easy to see and hear in the talking heads. From fatass Gizmo’s slobbering, to Aradesh’s “Yes Yes Yes”, to Sulik’s “what can we and I do you for?”, etc. the npcs didn’t have such extremely distinctive characteristics.
And Liam Neeson came over as rather bland. Especially for the price they probably paid him…

How did the interface look and did you like it?

Interface is ok, though I’m not sure if the whole compass thing is a good idea…
I liked the pipboy interface (though too ‘console-y’) it looked nice. The scanlines etc were well done.

One of the questions I do have for you, Brother None, is: Do the crazy death animations *only* occur in VATS? Or can you blow somebody’s head off and watch brains splatter even while in realtime combat?

VATS shows slowmotion death stuff, but in real time I think the same stuff happens, but just in real time, obviously.
Also, in terms of atmosphere, did you feel that Fallout 3 is going to try to have, for lack of a better term, “scary” moments in it?

Sua: Scary? Not in the least as far as we’ve seen.

BN: Creepy, perhaps. Scary, no.


As far as Megaton goes, does it really look like a nuclear explosion really went off in this crater? As in, does the whole idea of a crater town make absolutely no sense as it’s presented? How big is the crater? Also, is the bomb a missile or an actual bomb that would be dropped from a plane? A missile crashing into the ground with enough speed might be able to make a sizable crater, but a bomb just wouldn’t (though it probably could do some significant damage). Is the bomb at the center of the crater?

The bomb looks like Fat Man with other fins on the tail
As for the ‘crater’, it is big enough to build a small junktown on its slopes.

Did the NPC faces look too much alike? Facegen working? Or did you see too few to tell?

Sua: Didn’t see a lot of them up close, but it looked varied overall. And nowhere near the Oblivion uglyness fiasco.

BN: Saw too little. But summary would be “better than Oblivion, not as good as Mass Effect.”

Did the NPC’s have any type of repetitive movements that you noticed? Like hand moving the same exact way over and over?

No, but we didnt spend a lot of time around NPCs. Nearly none of the time was spent observing NPCs.

Was there ever a point when you got a chill during the showing. You know like the hairs standing up on your arms? Or are you two not so emotional about games.

Sua: Ron Perlman’s intro. While slower (I think) and slightly less emotionally chilling than the original, I did get goosebumps watching it. Though it might also have been a good deal of pumped up anticipation.

BN: Possibly the intro, and the ending looked cool enough, but didn’t give me chills because I was scribbling furiously.
I’m not very emotional about games, tho’, unless they really drag me in by the hairs.

Just as an addendum to this, did you notice any different body types in the demo? Different heights/builds?

Humans? In size, just average male / female sizes, i think. but i’m sure they’ll implement heights to a greater extend.
Being a fatass, that I don’t know if they’ll put in.

Will AP become useless if you never use the V.A.T.S. system?

BN: It does not appear to have any function outside of VATS.

Sua: From what we saw, probably, yes.

I hope npc reactions are improved allot more in the final game. Like when you pick up the laser rifle from the soldier the BoS soldiers should force you to give it to them and give you one of their Chinese assault rifles instead.

Considering their excessively possessive nature in FO1/2 when it came to technology… well. Pretty unlikely they’d even let you near the laser rifle.
The lack of helmets is also unsettling I would rather have BoS soldiers wearing patched up helmets and marking their armor to show rank or identification. If the only reason they don’t wear helmets is so you can identify them. Then just have them remove their helmets to talk to the PC when no combat is going on.

Not to mention (grandfather) Maxson was killed, hit in the head during a raid because he wasn’t wearing his helmet. I’m pretty sure the BoS learnt their lesson after that…

But of course, a helmet doesn’t let you show much facial expression during dialog. I could understand the leader being helmetless for that purpose, but nearly the entire squad? Un-bloody-likely.


I’m more concerned about the disparity in rad counts between the too-ubiquitous mushroom clouds and the “tap” water… sure, one is ingested and that explains the rad count to an extent but… come on?

Probably just a demo thing, tho’

Relaxing? Or maybe tired of all the (endless) fighting? Like in war-weary and disenchanted by the whole mess? You know, like in the anti-war movies.

No, it’s definitely just bad/unfinished AI scripting, just like the soldier shouldering his gun the moment the bomb hits. They need to do some work there.
Which I think is the value here:

Remember how all those previewers were ecstatic about the improved RAI? Well, guess what, you don’t actually *see* improved RAI anywhere in the demo, all those previewers have to go on is the promise that RAI will be better. All the RAI I saw in the demo was *exactly* like it was in Oblivion (with the possible exception of combat AI)

Does this mean that mutants are only out to kill you or what?

Basically, Pete Hines was talking about dialogue as a valid option and then just threw out “obviously, that doesn’t go for supermutants.” Might’ve been a joke, might’ve been inaccurate, it didn’t sound very definitive to me. But supermutants are “the enemy”, that much is clear. Whether or not you can talk to them and how much backstory they have I don’t know.

Was there anything odd about the Vault that may signify what kind of experiment it could be? Was there any mention of traits???????????

It had a worn, dark look, like SuA said, and its tyrannical government-style rulership by the Overseer reminds a bit of the tight-fist ruling of Vault 13, so it might be intended to stay closed indefinitely. Though that would be weird seeing as that was already 13’s experiment.


Weren’t ALL the mutants using heavy or melee weapons in both F1 and F2 precisely because they could not use small arms?

Yes, but with the note that this was partially because the Fallout devs simply didn’t have the time to waste on making supermutant animations with small guns, but they would’ve if it didn’t make sense that mutants can’t use small guns.

Wasn’t FEV supposed to trigger an uncontrollable growth of muscle mass? I think that was one of the reasons the original design showed them deformed and Hulk like. And the mutants we’ve seen so far in the few screenshots don’t look any smaller.

Smaller, no. Less deformed, yes. They’re just 7-8′ human beings, it’s possible their hands are small enough to use assault rifles. It didn’t look “wrong” in the demo, it looked like the size of the gun in relation to the mutant was fine.

As an added question: Were the mutants shooting weapons Rambo style ? Just staying in the middle of the road, spray and pray, or was there any attempt to seek cover/flank ?
Couldn’t tell. The combat AI wasn’t stunningly impressive, and there was a lot of stand shoot, spray and pray. From everyone, not just supermutants.

In the earlier Fallouts, only the military had most of the access to robots and the only real AI was rare. But how now in Washington DC there is a Protectron and the “Stupid Git” robot in the demo? Was any of this explained? or is my (usually bad) memory of Fallout off?

No, not explained. Nor could I really tell from the demo if the robot density will be higher, but I don’t think it’d be a huge problem if it were. Sure, Fallout didn’t have many, but the one big city in Fallout had been hit pretty bad by the war and rioting, it might simply be different on the other coast. The pre-war world had plenty of robots, so it could make sense for a lot to survive. I don’t think the “stupid git” remark by the robot makes any sense because the only machines in the fallout universe that had any “personality” were A.I. like ZAX which was a huge computer.It makes even less sense when you consider it’s a posh, thick, kinda fake British accent.
It’s really, really bad. I pray they remove it.


So the slow-mo in VATS would get pretty tiresome after a while. Do you think it would make more sense to keep VATS without the slowmo?

Sure, it’s a RTwP system with aiming, the mechanics are what’s important, the slo mo is just for cool points and doesn’t actually relate to the mechanics

I’m interested if Brother None or SuAside can recall exactly or as close to exactly what Mr Burke says to the player. Other previews have mentioned things from building a residential suburb on the sight to building a shopping mall on the site to just wanting to blow it up because it is a “blight”. Can one of you guys remember the exact reason why?
He does go on for quite a while, but I don’t think he mentions his own, personal motives. It’s quite possible there’re dialogue lines in which he’ll name more reasons to convince the player, but Pete chose to accept the quest immediately (for the pace of the demo, I guess).

He mentions that it’s a blight, I don’t remember him elucidating that further, and the real estate remarks are just jokes.

From what Ausir has told me BethSoft does use the wiki quite a bit.

Yip. And it shows, I have yet to see them get any lore wrong, even though we still have to wait for the explanation for the supermutants and BoS.

If we were all optimists around here, we’d all say that the reason they didn’t explain it is that it was too long and complicated to explain in 30 minutes…

The reason they give for not explaining is it that they want people to see it in the game. That sounds fairly reasonable to me, though they could be handling it better.

I kinda of a have a pre-exception mode to this because I think no matter how well you explain it you’re always inspiring the feeling of “why move it cross-continent just to rehash the same factions/monsters.” I’m fine with supermutants, especially if they were bred locally, though not with their look. The BoS, different from the originals in look, behavior, goals and location, I honestly just don’t get it.

Ever since the first reviews of the preview demo came out I was struck by how many of the reviewers talked about the glare when the PC first emerges from the vault and sees the sun “for the first time in his life” or lines to that effect. Someone commenting on it was one thing, but I became curious and cynical when I read the exact same response in a second and more reviews.

The glare/blur is impossible to miss and has a cool effect, so it doesn’t surprise me a lot would talk about it. “For the first time in his life” might just be a sign of having played the original Fallout, where that is heavily emphasized.


But wait, there’s more in Atomic Ninjas talk Fallout 3: The Sequel.


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