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Reviews and Nationality

Recently, while doing my regular round of reading various Fallout 3 related forums searching for news, bit’s of trivia and just for fun, I’ve come across some posts calling the first foreign reviews (and previews a bit earlier) unfair due to their tendency of not pointing out some things they considered “lacking” or “bad”.

Which in all fairness surprised me now – me being a foreign guy myself (as in not an American citizen) I don’t see that at all.

What’s the big deal here, if a game reviewer actually takes the time and writes down the things he or she considers wrong with the game and put’s their personal judgement to it? That’s their job after all, that is what they are supposed to do.

I myself am somewhat tired of reviews lauding and applauding games, giving them fancy awards and fully recommending them and after I’ve bought the game I suddenly find myself opposed by clunky controls, weird mechanics or even unfullfilling gameplay.

There was a time everything was better, of course, and I’m not referring to my grandpa’s time when everything was simpler and stuff, when I felt game reviews generally did a better job at it and magazines were actually worth the read and criticism in them had merit. Sadly, when I buy a mag these days I don’t feel that way at all.

So again what is the deal there? Is it that magazines rely too heavily on adds sponsored by the very companies that produces the products they review? Give Game A from Company X a bad review and X pulls all it’s adds from the mag and *boom* your mag looses a hefty piece of revenue. Not exactly the wisest strategy there.

Or is it the PR guys, the suits, who gained a bit too much power – giving out the previews and teasers only to those who will butter up their game no matter how flawed?

Maybe it’s us readers and gamers, wanting information on the latest games earlier and earlier, accelerating this vicious development?

What do you think?


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