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I’m starting this roundup with a nod to my good friend Duccini at VaultBR, a great Brazilian Fallout community, to my friend Wooz69 with thanks for him letting me use one of his pictures as the image header on this blog, to Ausir and the Fallout encyclopedia The Vault, that seems to be back stronger than ever, and to thank actor, comediant and writer Wes Johnson for allowing me to use his Bethsoft crew pictures on this blog (he worked with John Waters, cool!).


Sometime ago i made a few questions to the devs and got some interesting replies, here’s an example from Fred “Fizzbang” Zeleny:

-Aren’t you happy that the weekend came and you didn’t come here? smile.gif

I was celebrating Father’s Day with my family. If not for that, I probably would have been in here on the weekend, writing away.

-For the new guys on the block, are you ready to hold on for a while and keep your spirits up, and toughen up on the process, or are you ready to chicken out? smile.gif

Absolutely ready to keep going! The writing of the originals is an amazing benchmark to live up to, and I’d hate myself for not giving it my all!

– would you prefer to free the city of Paris, in black and white and with a mono classical soundtrack, or free Paris Hilton, in color and 5.1 surround, with Barry White singing?

I’d rather spend time with Paris the city – it’s got more wit, is marginally cleaner, and fewer people have been in it.

Eheheh that last one is great!

Gary “VXXS” Noonan also had time for a few replies:

-Aren’t you happy that the weekend came and you didn’t come here [this was after the GI scans were known]?

Honestly, the way my weekend went, I would rather enter the Thunderdome with every Fallout3 hater. Sick as a dog, local highway mangled my car thanks to their construction, and my bank account number was stolen and used quite sufficiently.

-Why VXSS stopped going to the fansites?

Found myself defending myself too much. At that point, I failed to se ethe fun in it. Call it a vacation from forums for me.

And now for Erik J. “DoctorSpooky” Caponi:

-Why does the minuscule blog post I once made about DoctorSpooky has a lot of views on my blog every single day? It’s a small blurb, nothing important on it, but everyday people go and check it. Why?…
I’m a popular guy, what can I say?

Actually, I’ve noticed that daily traffic picked up on my site too, and most of the referrals come from yours. Crazy. Someone’s spam spiders out there must love me. Either that, or it’s a rogue AI attempting to contact me through the timestream. Personally, I’m hoping for the latter. I love rogue AIs. It’s sad that so few single rogue AIs exist in this timeline.

Now for other questions, a couple for Ben “Specialty Bread” Carnow:

1. Do you prefer playing though the main plot of game (but doing it your own way) or do you prefer all those little side-quests that don’t need to be done?
2. Do you prefer the roleplaying more or the playing game more? In other words, is the character itself more interesting, or is character building (and thus making it statistically unique) more interesting to you?

1. I typically end up avoiding main quests for as long as possible and focus on doing side-quests. I hate being railroaded towards a specific goal, so anything that I can throw in the way of the main plot usually takes focus.

2. I’d definitely say that roleplaying is more important for me. I enjoy building little backstories in my head for my characters as I play, and using that to determine how I approach problems. That being said it really frustrates me if a game won’t let me actually make my character truly unique, I want my character’s statistics to follow their backstory.

And let’s get back to Fizzbang again:

are you as a ‘gamer’ satisfied with the game you are developing? Do you think its a game you could play for days, weeks, months, years? Will it be epic?Becouse the first two titles are all that.

And here I had heard that we were already “too epic.”

But yes, obviously I’m working to make a game with which I’ll be satisfied, both as a gamer and as a creator. As a gamer, I might be satisfied by a game I play intensely for a few weeks or months – I find that’s a pretty good duration for the price of most games out there. But as a creator, I’ll only be satisfied by a game I keep shortcutted on my desktop for years – for something I spend years working on, I wouldn’t be satisfied with anything less.

Are you frustrated not to be able to brag/explain/defend/tell more about the game and feast with the extatic fans or is the “no game talk” policy a relief to you since it means you don’t have to spend endless hours trying to convince rabid fans that the game will be good
I’d really like to write more about the game design decisions behind our choices, mostly because I’m a big game design theory nerd, but it does make for a very clear-cut rule that’s easy to follow (which, as it so happens, is a good guideline for game design, too). And just like I trust the programmers to handle all of the complex ones and zeros, I trust Pete and Gstaff and folks to know their public relations.

Plus, as much as I like talking with all sorts of people, there seem to be a few folk who’re more interested in flames than reasoned discussion. And rather than spend time in nasty flames, I’d rather put the time into writing more and better dialogue for the game.

And now for Jay “Radhamster” Woodward:

What are your honest opinions about the original Fallout 1/2 fanbase (ie the people who played it when it first came out when Iso/TB was in its heyday, as opposed to those who played it with FPP/RT came to power)?

When do you consider FPP/RT to have come to power? Was it with Wolfenstein? Doom? Ultima Underworld? System Shock? Marathon? Arena? Quake?

My opinion of the Fallout fanbase as a whole is that we are a multicultural group comprised of a diverse population of individuals with a wide range of ludological viewpoints — viewpoints which circumscribe myriad points of contention as well as a few key points of commonality, such as a love of free decisions and meaningful consequences.

What are your honest opinions about the direction of most console games, and what kind of gamer they appeal to?

Their physical interface devices have different strengths; I think that much is fairly self-evident. Mice are better than joysticks at precise aiming and selection of objects, and joysticks are better than keyboards at analog character movement and vehicle steering. Beyond that, I think drawing broad generalities about console games and console gamers is an exercise in prejudicial fiction.

If you were in my shoes (knowing that I’ve played Wasteland, Fountain of Dreams, Fallout 1/2/T, and prefer the late 80’s-mid 90’s non-FPS genres, and am seeing a much-beloved series fall apart before my very eyes), what would you do?

I’d consider getting new shoes. Or possibly new eyes.

Naughty. Now for Socrates200x:

I admit that the Oblivion-style dialoge system sounds like a coffinnail. But I still prefer to stay positive ’till the day I see an actual set of screenshots or better a gameplay video following a ingame conversation before my final vote.

Good idea. wink.gif

You can find much much more here, and there’s a new batch of questions and answers here too.


Now on a personal note there’s something I have to say at this time. I met a BIS games fan a few years ago on the deceased BIS and Interplay fora that was adamant that the Fallout games should use Real Time with Pause combat only. We were always getting into verbal fights because of that.

Time passed, and he became a QA guy for Bethsoft, and later worked on Star Treck Legacy for Bethesda.

A couple of years ago when he was already working there, someone started a discussion on the Obsidian Entertainment Forum about Fallout 3 and how combat should be, he popped in and added that one day he would laugh out loud when we eventually found out how the combat would be.

Needless to say that it’s time for me to be a sport and congratulate him on his recent laughing, and it’s time for me to forget the old grudges and wish him all the best, he got what he wanted and I have to move on with no hard feelings, he won fair and square.