“In the year of our Lord, 2007 AD, the Fallout franchise turns ten years old. However, since the release of Fallout 2 in 1998, fans have yet to enjoy a true sequel to their favorite roleplaying franchise. Fallout 2 was followed by Fallout: Tactics, which while being technically fun had a cavalcade of setting issues and wasn’t the roleplaying game that fans wanted. The company was purchased a while after these events by Titus, the director becoming Herve Caen. In 2003, he started two projects roughly at the same time: Van Buren, which was Fallout 3, and the console shooter Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. Caen cancelled the former for the latter in an attempt to focus Interplay’s resources on the console market.

In an effort to help stave off its impending bankruptcy, Interplay sold the rights to make Fallout 3 to Bethesda Softworks in 2004, including options for a 4th and 5th Fallout, for 1.175 million dollars advance against royalties.”


In this blog I’ll try to give a view from an old Fallout fan on the track that will lead us to the release of Fallout3, and how Fallout fans are dealing with such a departure from the past, now that the game is being developed by a new company.

If the first objective for this blog is to hone my skills on WordPress, I’ll still try to make it an important beacon to share the light on the news and discussions that creating Fallout3 will bring us.

It will be an honest testament of my views and news searches on Fallout 3.

João “Briosafreak” Vieira


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