The End

Image made by Fred Zelleny

Image made by Fred Zelleny

This is the last post, today the game was released in Europe, it’s time for me to stop updating the blog.

I wanted to thank Killzig, Ausir, Morbus, 4too, blinzla, brothernone, docconrad, droveri,lithal, Role Player, osiris1975, rilom, s001, Desslock, Gstaff, Mr. Happy, Mr. Teatime, Gimli, Cameron Sorden, zippydsmilee, Defonten, Amasius, Tigranes, all the people that gave me good tips for the changes of templates, the flamers on Meebo for giving me a few good laughs, all the nice people I met from around the world on Meebo, the few Bethsoft people that gave me some words of encouragement or pointed out mistakes on the blogposts.

Well thank you too, this was a fun ride. I’ll keep checking Meebo to talk with you folks, and the email account, from now on you can find me on Planet Fallout.

Have fun in the Wasteland.


New Fallout 3 Fan Interview


From the Bethblog:

Last year, once all the dust cleared from our initial unveiling of Fallout 3, we provided you guys with a chance to ask some burning questions about the game. Given we’ve just had another blitz of previews come out, we figured now was as good of a time as any to give you another opportunity.

Starting today in the Fallout 3 Discussion thread of the BGS forums, you can start suggesting questions you’d like to see answered. You can also share your questions in the comments section of this blog post, or simply by emailing us. To help make sure we’re answering the questions you guys want to know, I’ve entrusted three of our community members to help out with the process — Alexander, Briosafreak, Gizmo. If you’ve got suggestions, or think you might be able to help them out, drop them a line.

If you want your question considered, you have between now and Sunday, May 18th to post your questions through the channels listed above. Once we’ve got the final questions, we’ll work on getting answers back to you guys.

Leave your questions on the blogpost, or in this topic on the Bethsoft Fallout 3Forum, or just send them to me or the other guys.

Here’s the result of the first Fan Interview.

Getting Back, Misc. Edition

Jeff Green

After these images were posted 117.308 people visited this blog. Wow.

Games For Windows is no more. All the best for Jeff Green and the crew in their new endeavor and all the luck for the artists that were laid off.

Word in the street is that the embargo on pics and info about Fallout 3 is almost over, a lot of stuff will show up online soon.

Interplay teases about their new site coming really soon. Ok then.

Both my computers were infected, I lost gigs of data. Some things I’ve been able to recover, others seem to be lost forever. My e-mail contacts seem to be in this last category, so if you know me send a mail so I can create a new list, please.

Misc. After The Record Day


Tuesday was a record breaking day here in this blog. So many people coming, so much happening, that a few blogposts were placed on hold. Now I’ll just make a miscellaneous post, starting with Javno’s take on Fallout 3 and Fallout:

Out of the blue, the executive producer of Fallout 3, Todd Howard, on March 22 ceased a cease-fire between Bethesda, nosey journalists and crazed Fallout fans, saying coldly that the creation of the third part of the trilogy has been completed.

Er not quite, and the article has an incredible amount of errors. Still this idea is rather unique:

What Hitchcock is to film, Shakespeare to literature and Rolling Stones to music, Fallout is to video games. Evergreen in nature, the post-nuclear role playing game (RPG) at one point, without restraint and compromise, broke all known criteria, ignored all limitations and bravely offered a healthy dose of madness that can affect a person’s maturing of character in the same manner as Lucas’s balancing of the Force.

Speaking of not so well thought out articles there’s this piece at Crispy Gamer:

Somehow, lost within all of this concern was a simple fact to which I should have paid more attention: Oblivion, though not without its flaws, is the single best game that I have played in nearly four years. It’s better than BioShock, better than Mass Effect, better than the Half-Life 2 episodes and certainly better than fun-but-less-inspired titles like Gears of War. It is, in fact, the best game I’ve played since the original Half-Life 2, which was in turn the best game I’d played since Deus Ex (released in 2000, and still my favorite game of all time). You may not put Oblivion on quite so high a pedestal, and that’s an individual choice I won’t begrudge you, but almost any rational gamer will admit that it’s a fine example of the craft.[…]

I believe Fallout 3 is going to rock. I’m telling you this not because a developer asked me to, or because a publisher paid me to. I can’t name a single member of the development team, nor do I have any further information than what is publicly available. I’ve never seen the game in action, and I know next to nothing about the plot. I work in the gaming industry, yes, but in this instance I am simply a gamer, analyzing what I know and what information is available to make a conclusion.

So he doesn’t know a thing about the game but already made up his mind because Oblivion rocked? Ok then, point taken, still Chris Buecheller shouldn’t talk of rationality regarding Oblivion, and then ask for leaps of faith (inherently irrational) regarding Fallout 3, that’s pretty contradictory.

Moving along there’s this interview with Jay Barnson at RPGWatch that, although it has nothing to do with Fallout, I recommend. Just because I always recommend everything from the mind behind Tales of the Rampant Coyote:

RPGWatch: So, your current indie project is Frayed Knights – what is it and what is it all about?

Jay Barnson: Frayed Knights is Rampant Games’ upcoming comedy-based fantasy RPG. It’s a blend of old-school style (first-person, turn-based, party-based adventures like Wizardry, The Bard’s Tale, Dungeon Master, and Might & Magic) with “real” 3D graphics, a healthy dose of character-based humor, and some quirky gameplay innovations. It’s part parody, part homage to both CRPGs and pen-and-paper RPGs.

It’s primarily a story about four misfit adventurers in a world that tries to justify all the weird things that happens in RPGs. The world of Frayed Knights is one with a subset of the population that were “adventurers” and acted like Player Characters tend to act. Which is to say, often amoral, ruthless, and greedy. Most of the time.

However, the adventurers are starting to die off. That in itself is not too surprising – the life of an adventurer is often short but exciting. But something is changing, and the rate of “morts” (deaths) is becoming alarmingly high. Plus, there are rumors of an “Ancient Evil™” rising out in the boonies. Things are going bad for the “adventurer community.”

But the Frayed Knights – themselves pretty much the laughingstock of adventurers everywhere – may be the only ones who can save them.

Jay is great, always.

Finally I’m adding Retro Thing to the blogroll:

Retro thing is an independent vintage gadget website run by a team of renegade elves with bases in Calgary and Chicago (I guess wanna-be job applicants should live somewhere that follows the pattern: Cardiff, Copenhagen, Calcutta…). Each month we present a never-ending stream of classic and almost-classic gizmos and books. OK, so I made up the bit about the team of elves. Everything else is true, though.

They also have an incomplete FAQ. Welcome to the club.

FO3: PNG 1 Year Anniversary


One year ago I uploaded this image (the maker of that promo image once gave me the high res version) as a header and pressed the “publish” button, giving officially birth to this blog.

The temporary name got to be final, and it took me a while to get the hand of WordPress, but here we are.

This place has regular viewers from such different places as Iran, Cuba, the Pakistan/Afghanistan border, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Maryland, a surprising number of readers using Linux and MacOS, industry veterans mixed with young frat boys, old Fallout fans and new RPG aficionados, teenagers from Iceland and grannies from Alasca, silent readers from Ghana and South Africa to roaring Portuguese and Dutch.

Making this endeavor has been fun, although I don’t have the time needed to make it a better experience. For that I apologize, it is a shame that life isn’t just fun and games.

Let me just thank the crew, the community based artists that made my headers (Wooz, Morbus, Defonten, Amasius), the people that kindly gave me articles to publish (Desslock) and those that allowed me to post their written words.

Thanks for those that sent me tips about the blog, news and comments, or just linked to this place.

You can click bellow to read the first blogpost after this place was officially opened.

Continue reading

Happy Nuclear Year


Happy New Year everyone!

2007 was the last year without a Fallout 3 game on the shelves, and 2008 will be the last year of this blog. Thanks for your messages, comments and for your patience.

Special good wishes for the Fallout fans who are in troublesome places like Carib FMJ, the DAC and NMA veteran that you can see in the picture drinking tea in Iraque a few days ago.

All the best folks, now things are really going to be fun, stick around into the wastelands new year…

New Year Resolution


We’re approaching the new year so it’s time to put some order in this place. We have a new theme, in beta status for a few weeks, that will allow me to bring some new widgets in the near future. New content is also being finalized, at last, and some of you have been upgraded to the contributor status.

This means that if you find something relevant you can post it, and I’ll edit it up and publish it. If you don’t want to or don’t have the time that’s ok, there’s no obligation on your part to do anything, of course.

If someone has some cool graphics skills please do send me ideas for a new 904×160 header, and a new logo with the magnetic personality perk image on it.

That’s it, now let’s get back to the wasteland…

November Misc


A few thoughts and news for the day:

First Rock Paper Shotgun has some thoughts on Zenimax Online intentions:

CVG reports (good luck Firefox users!) that ZeniMax Online have licensed Simutronics‘ MMO HeroEngine (the same one BioWare have picked up for their forthcoming super-secret (ohmygodit’ssoobviouslystarwars) MMO). This is being linked to the story from earlier this month regarding Bethesda’s registering of the domain,, and thus speculation that an Elder Scrolls MMO is on its way.

However, it might not be that simple. In this month’s PC Gamer (print version), The Spy reports that there’s speculation it could be an attempt at preparing for the Fallout MMO rights landing in their laps. In a peculiar deal, Interplay only has a loose grip on the option to make an online version of the Fallout universe, and if investors aren’t convinced they can do it, the rights will leap over to Bethesda. Is Bethesda preparing a net for the post-apocalyptic world?

Who knows? Regardless of all the speculation, NMA reports Interplay is hiring again:

Interplay is actively recruiting again, as can be seen on gaming developers site Gamasutra. Right now the jobs list includes Environmental Concept Artist, System Designer and Content Designer.

More interesting is that Jason D. Anderson is listed as the contact guy, which would make him the Human Resource manager and in charge of who he works with.

When he heard of this former BIS developer Damien “Puuk” Foletto, also working in some pretty interesting MMOs these days, had this to say:

I’d rather stab myself in the nuts with a salt covered ice pick.


Also Fallout is number 33 in IGN’s Top 100 games of all times. Hurray.

Finally this blog was removed from the Bethesda Games Fallout 3 forum fansite list, because of the Tiscali scans. Their rules are clear about scans, so I won’t complain much, it’s fair game from their part.

I have just something I don’t get, I did the same thing as Kotaku, yet nothing happened to them. Tsk, tsk.

FO3:PNB now with voice and video chat


From the Meebo blog:

We’re super excited to debut applications inside meebo! Just click on that shiny new rocket ship icon in any IM window and then select which app you want to launch with your buddy. The first type of application we’re showcasing? Drumroll please… Voice and video chat. )

So many of you have asked for this feature from day one and now you can video/audio call (TokBox), voice chat (Pudding Media), and group voice call (TalkShoe) on meebo, plus you can even create your own live TV show (UStream) to share with your friends!

You can sign up here, my nick is Briosafreak if you want to chat.

Brief and Nuclear Roundup


Just some brief notes before we start a new week:

Matt “Gstaff” Grandstaff asked the Bethesda Fallout 3 forum community to help him out:

So between the moderators and some of you guys, I’ve gotten some requests that we update our emoticons (or smileys, or whatever you want to call them). Pete and I talked about it, and decided it would be fun t to see what you guys have to offer. As long as they’re in good taste (nothing to rude, lewd, crude or nude), we’ll consider them. If you come up with an idea, send me a PM with a link (feel free to share the links here). Not sure how many we’ll add, but if we get some feedback on the more popular ones, we’ll probably have to use them smile.gif
So get your BoS, Vault Boy, or whatever else seems relevant ready.


He also is warning that it will take a while until we find out the results of the Design a Perk Fallout 10th Anniversary Contest:

Almost closing time, yes…but we definitely have plenty to look over and go through before we can start handing out any prizes.


Fallout: A Post Nuclear Internet Union is the latest gathering of Fallout fans to appear, in this case from the Gamespot grounds.


Sorry for the off topic but if you are in my position, you really should read this thing from the Digital Hedonist:

On September 5th of last year I became the husband to my wonderful wife. We share a lot of things in common, but one of those things is not a passion for gaming. She’ll play a game occasionally, she kicked my behind the first time we boxed on Wii Sports.For the first six months or so of our lives together my gaming was a major source of conflict between us. But together we evolved, compromised and I can happily say we haven’t had a serious arguement about my gaming for many months now. It wasn’t easy, but we got there, so heres a few tips for you married gamers out there on how to make the transition from single gamer to married gamer.


And finally there are some changes to this blog coming out, I’ll just paste what I wrote earlier today from here:

I’m going to open the blog to outside contributors, people that find something interesting and can make a blogpost of their own, with me editing the final version. I’ll open it to the large majority of people that made comments, with no strings attached, if you never want to write you won’t. It’s one of the new things I’m going to make, together with a new theme (I want to try some new stuff, this place also exists for me to learn to function with WordPress) and a couple of articles and interviews.All coming in November.

Picture by Michail Zey.

And now for something completely different

I’ve added Pamedia and to the blogroll, two must bookmark sites for fans of crazy (and sometimes quality) post-apoc media. Just look at this cover:


I also added the Official Fan Interview to the articles section, and a new compilation called In defense of Bethesda, in order to try to show all sides of the discussions being produced about Fallout 3.

If you have some content that you would like to see published here do send me a mail, no promises though.