Release Day

Picture taken at GameStop Dolce Vitta, Coimbra

The game is out in north America, a couple of days until it’s released in Europe. On that day I’ll stop updating the blog, for now check NMA and Planet Fallout for the tons of reviews pouring in.


5 thoughts on “Release Day

  1. I played for about 4 hours last night. Generally pleased, but not blown away so far. I’d say so far it feels more like oblivion than fallout to me though. Don’t know if I will feel that way as I continue playing.

  2. shamefully not all european game retailers offer midnight releases, thus im doomed, have to wait another night and working day….life is cruel…

  3. Ok if FO 1-2 is a 10 FO3 is a 6-7,it hits its points will.
    its FO themes are nicely done even if its just a bit off with the film style music and lack of depth information on items.

    RT combat handles location damage and what not.

    VATS is not half bad only really missing eye shots.

    All in all I am impressed the game dose not suck.

    Its a action focused FO game so if tats a huge sticking point for you its going to be a 6… but then again Ia half way through Mass effect PC and its about a 6 …maybe because it crashes regularly….

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