Fallout 180

Excellent exercise at the Brainy Gamer:

Some ardent defenders of the Fallout series – let’s call them Fallout traditionalists – have a beef with Fallout 3 and the RPG they fear it will be: non-isometric, non-turn-based, sans dialogue trees, simplified (i.e. dumbed down) SPECIAL system, and a distinct lack of the offbeat, self-referential Fallout vibe. Such a game, say the traditionalists, may be perfectly suitable for gamers who prefer 3-D action RPGs like Oblivion. But it’s just not Fallout. So don’t call it Fallout.

My students have been playing Fallout 1 and 2 for a couple of weeks, preparing for the release of Fallout 3. They are an unexpected mix of gamers: a small handful of RPG veterans, a large majority of relatively casual gamers (mostly sports games and shooters), and a few with almost no experience playing video games at all. Quite a challenge for a teacher who expected to be met by a small legion of hardcore D&Ders with a possible cosplayer or LARPer thrown in. Fortunately, they’re all terrific guys willing to try anything I throw at them.

So when I handed them Fallout (half played the original, half the sequel) with no instructions or special preparation, they struggled. A lot.

What goes on next is really worth a read.


3 thoughts on “Fallout 180

  1. Inserting they had so much trouble with it, probably due to trying to play it like a non streadgy game but I see they get it later on and of coarse there is nothing to get later on with FO3 it is what it is a action focused title.

    FO is a dark humorous slow journey through the unpredictable wastes, they might have the dark setting but I think the humor and randomness is a loss and that is half the game.

    Also if you are going to sue action as a basis for the gameplay then allow for location damage, just make the locations smaller and double or tipple their critical fail points do something rather than ignore it and make it another rushed shooter.

  2. I just got FO and its a master mind in its self so complex its great ive been playing oblivion and FO just pulls all over its i would like to play the 1+2 FO games just so i know the story line if it has one.

  3. Although the story is the less important feature of the first games, it still sheds a lot of light on the events of FO3, particularly who the factions are and where they come. Highly recommended.

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