CanardPC Hates Fallout 3

I think we’ve all suspected for a while that the fine folks at CanardPC are not huge fans of Fallout 3’s new direction.    They’ve recently rebelled against the BethSoft imposed review exclusivity by publishing a not-quite-a-review article summing up their feelings and criticisms on Fallout 3:

Even when you want to explore things and let alone the main quest for a while, it still tastes weird. Besides the cardboard sets, the feeling of emptiness suddenly goes away. Just like in Oblivion and Gothic 3, adventure awaits at every corner of the street. Literally, unfortunately. A two minute walk and you’re there! A design decision which probably has everything to do with the average attention span of the console gamer.

A similar theme from earlier reviews.

On the other hand, don’t expect to be able to convince anybody that originally does not like you. NPC reactions are determined by your Karma and even a professional liar won’t be able to convince someone who does not like him to become his partner. But have no fear: you can change your reputation just like you can switch clothes. You’re too good to obtain what you wish? Steal, kill generic NPCs (those with no name) and here you are: the incarnation of evil! But don’t worry: after three days, people forget about your deeds and you are forgiven.

Your karma is too low for a particular quest? Just kill bad guys and give water to hobos (it comes for free if you have your own house) and there you go: holier than saints. Where the first Fallout episodes where built around balancing your own desires and deciding what sacrifices you were ready to do in order to fulfil them, Bethesda sweeps this and allows you to switch styles at will. Nothing is important any more, everything becomes relative. Everything black. Everything white. No need for grey when redemption and condemnation are made so easy.

This is an interesting criticism.  I think we’ve all been a little concerned about the ‘gamey’ implementation of karma in Fallout 3 and the level of importance it has been given in NPC interactions.  It sounds like a system that was mostly broken in Fallout 2 is now completely broken in Fallout 3.  Progress!

Read the rest of his thoughts and comments at NMA.

PS – Many thanks to Xark for the header art.


5 thoughts on “CanardPC Hates Fallout 3

  1. oh dear god… it sounds like Beth hasn’t done a good job with Fallout 3, it rapidly starting to seem like Oblivion with guns…

    I don’t think I will buy this game anymore….

  2. Hello
    I have read the original (I’m french nobody perfect 😉
    article of CanardPc
    They are absolute fan of fallout interplay.
    But the article writer has destroyed my hopes, even if I’am a fan of Bethseda. I’ll not buy this game unless they provide to the community a game Editor TESC or something like that to tweak the default of the game if possible
    I bought a new PC (av. 1500$) for this game just to see every fun is gone with the console using.
    Sad day

  3. It’s pretty easy to get over the $1,000 mark when you’re going quad core, more than 4gigs of ram and looking at the newest generation of video cards. Throw in the OS and it’s still a value for the equivalent machine you’d get from Dell/Alienware…

  4. It is oblivoin with guns only you get location damage in pause time mode… its a mish mash of a game and not worthy of the FO title, I do hope its a solid action adventure RPG…and better developed than Mas effect…..while ME might be a good game its mired by EA/BW inability to finish it……

    I spent about 500$ on my PC and 400$ was for the 8800 Evga super clock..I have 2 GB of DDR 800 ramm and a 2.4 C2D, managed to sell off my old that paid for everythign but the video card!

    If I get crappy console thats 700-800$ down the tubes for a chiped unit I refuse to buy into cess pool of underdeved rushed games thus I need to protect my game investment to amke sure they are worth the cost.

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