X-Play Fallout 3 Special

If you’re like me, you probably can’t even find G4TV on your television dial and luckily for us the good people at G4 know this.  They’ve posted up their Fallout 3 X-Play special on the internets for all to see.  Included is some great footage of Rivet City and commentary from Todd, Pete, Istvan and my personal favorite Emil (do moar interviews, plz).


5 thoughts on “X-Play Fallout 3 Special

  1. Emil’s the guy I want to hear more from, too. Todd and Pete weave their PR speak well enough, but Emil’s the lead dev, and always seems to have the most interesting things to say.

    I was excited to see more of Rivet City, too. It looks very cool, and is definitely the location I’m most looking forward to visiting.

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