Fallout 3 Pirated

While we do not support nor condone piracy (do not expect us to post download links nor tolerate them in the comments), the story is too big and widespread now not to report it: Fallout 3 has found its way to torrent sites. Interestingly, despite claims of piracy killing PC gaming, it’s not the PC version that leaked, but the Xbox 360 one. A few Fallout 3 videos have found their way to Youtube, although they’ll probably be taken down soon.

This definitely sucks for Bethesda Softworks, since it’s almost 3 weeks before the game’s premiere. Since the game has gone gold some time ago and probably at least part of the game boxes are ready for shipment, will it cause them to release the game earlier?


11 thoughts on “Fallout 3 Pirated

  1. I don’t think Bethesda will be that concerned, obviously a big title like Fallout 3 will get hit by pirates on the 360 just like GTA4 but there is a distinct difference between that and piracy on the PC.

    Piracy on the 360 remains bottled up among the hardcore with the technical skills to pull it off, mass piracy which is what the PC faces is not a problem for the Xbox as the masses which would like to pirate the game are kept at bay by the;
    *Difficulty in actually modifying the console hardware
    * Losing their warranty & Xbox 360 don’t have the best in reliability either.
    * Running the risk of bricking their console or having it disabled/bricked/banned via software updates to it.

    The PC has no such problems with mass piracy, no hardware mods required & the pirate PC gamers stuff the game into as many distribution points as possible, package it with cracks, crack the updates to the game and pirate the DLC as well.

    I’d imagine they will hold off on distributing the PC version to the very last moment so as to delay the pirates for that.

  2. Well its optional there are chips out there but either way you have to disassemble the console, remove the drive and so forth with all the other steps which I’d rather not mention.

  3. If BethSoft goes after anyone I would expect it to be the duplicator. There’s not really much else to be done about it. The folks that are pirating the game probably weren’t going to buy it (just as most of the PC pirates weren’t likely to buy the game either)…

    Also, with Arcade units being so cheap these days a lot of people are buying 2nd 360s for the express purpose of piracy. (As we saw with the PS2 and every popular console)…

  4. I will bet smart money in this being a fake. Why do I say this? because I am in a position to know when games are cracked.

  5. I agree, PC piracy is much more prevalent than console piracy,
    simply due to the fact that it takes more effort to get your xbox/ps3 modified. I know because I’ve tried doing it myself though unsuccessfully(for educational purposes only of course).

    However, console piracy can be done easy by just paying the local xbox repair guy $50, which I don’t see myself doing.

  6. By the way, I do plan on buying the game just to support the developers as long as the game deserves it. I buy all the games that are actually good and is worth my hard earned cash.

    Bioware and Blizzard are 2 examples of such developers who fully deserve my money.


  7. I don’t have any console so I don’t get all that bumbo jumbo about the technical steps to use a pirated version of a console game.
    What I can tell you is that I know a guys, that knows a guy, that knows another guy that has access to a private torrent tracker and he told me that he has been told that his friend was told that in that private tracker in 3 days they downloaded the pirate leaked copy (real not fake) more than 1000 times and they checked Bioshock to do a comparison and found out that the 360 version has more downloads than the PC version (almost the double)!

    Does this means that PC is more pirate prone than consoles?
    And the fact that it was the 360 version that leaked first, means anything?

    I’m confused!

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