Timmy C on Fallout 3

Tim Cain is looking forward to his PipBoy 3000 digital clock. At least that’s what he’s telling Edge Online. He’s also very interested in the as-yet-unannounced-but-widely-known-about Fallout Online (or FOOL as we affectionately call it):

“I’ve hardly thought about [what I’d do different] with Fallout 3,” said Cain, “but I have thought about the online version. I’ve also talked to the guys at Interplay about Fallout Online.

“The biggest problem I have with expanding the game is that the original games were designed to make you feel like you were one of the last people left on Earth. And with Fallout 3 and the online version, I’m curious about how they’ll handle making the game not feel too crowded–making it feel like there’s not much life left out there after the war.”

It figures he would be more interested in Fallout Online, afterall the reason he’s back in the limelight is the recent announcement by Carbine Studios that Timmy will be the new design director.  (Good luck!)

It’s going to be really hard for me to continue ignoring MMOs with both ChrisT. and Timmy working on them.


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