Riding on the Metro

John Cangany of Washington D.C. alerted Joystiq to a new ad campaign by BethSoft in support of Fallout 3.  Apparently, these ads are having the desired effect:

Anyway, metro riders were transfixed by this ad. Unlike the “Fred, your ass is looking fat” hippo posters or the metro etiquette ads, the crumbling Washington Monument and mutated American flag caught a lot of eyes, and people STARED. Like, legit stared, as if the ad were either a really pretty or really ugly, disfigured lady.

Joystiq contacted BethSoft for more information and received a few photos of the different ads.  They’ve also requested some help from DC residents in identifying the locations so if you’re familiar with the locales, head on over and share what you got.

Update: Pete Hines says the ads are currently at the Metro Center station and only at the Metro Center station.


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