Fallout 3 Interviews

Shrapnel, a resident of Rivet City

Shrapnel, a resident of Rivet City

Aside from the ShackNews interview with confirmation of no DRM in Fallout 3, there have been a few others in the recent batch of articles:

[Note from Killzig: Along with this recent avalanche of previews and interviews Bethsoft released 12 new screens that we’ve uploaded to the gallery. Enjoy.]


The DRM Interview

Lincoln takes a ride.

Lincoln takes a ride.

From the you’ve-probably-already-read-this file, Shack News conducted an interview with BethSoft PR Gorilla Pete Hines. The big take away from this interview seems to be the confirmation of minimal DRM for Fallout 3’s PC version:

Shack: Similar question in the sense that it’s an issue that can be overblown. What kind of copy protection will be included on the PC version of Fallout 3?

Pete Hines: Pretty similar to what we did for Oblivion, which was–we basically don’t do any–we do the mildest form possible. I actually don’t know if I even want to get into what it is that we exactly do, but we try to be really noninvasive when it comes to that stuff. [ed- Oblivion employed a simple DVD check.]

The rest of the interview is over yonder.

New Wave of Fallout 3 Previews

Two Enclave Eyebots

Two Enclave Eyebots

Looks like, after a period of silence, we’re in the middle of another (probably the final) big wave of Fallout 3 previews and interviews. To catch up with the news, I’ll just post a list of the previews that have appeared since Briosafreak’s last post instead of posting separately about each and every one of them:

Also, The Vault wiki now has a Fallout 3 Portal that serves as a hub for all information on the upcoming game.

Interplay Is Back

Project V13

Project V13 logo

This is not particularly fresh news, but since Briosa has been busy lately (let’s hope he’ll get better soon), I thought it’s good to at least help with catching up with the most important of the recent events.

Interplay is not only back with a new website, but the company has announced that Chris Taylor, another member of the original Fallout team, has joined Jason Anderson as a member of IPLY’s new development team:

BEVERLY HILLS, CA, September 22, 2008 – Interplay Entertainment Corp. (OTC BB:IPLY) announced today the launch of an all-new web site at www.interplay.com.

The site, developed over the last several months, is designed to improve the company’s communication with customers, investors, and partners. The new site includes forums based on past and future Interplay games, a customer support section, detailed information on the company and its products, and much more.

The company also announced that Chris Taylor, a game designer who was a part of the original Fallout game development team at Interplay in 1994, has rejoined the company. Taylor will serve as Lead System Designer for “Project V13,” the working title of Interplay’s next generation Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMO) currently in development. Taylor joins other original Fallout team members on staff at Interplay’s internal game studio, which recently opened an office in Irvine, Calif. Additional development staff members continue to be hired as the project ramps-up.

Of course, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what Project V13 is, given that Interplay has licensed the rights to a Fallout MMORPG after selling the franchise to Bethesda.

For a summary of available information and some speculation about the project, see the Project V13 FAQ at The Vault.