Planet Fallout

After a few months of hard work we bring you Planet Fallout:

Planet Fallout is excited to announce the opening of its hatch doors to the inhabitants of the Internet Wasteland. After months of isolation deep within an undisclosed mountain located in California, the ground work for this society and its technology has been laid. Welcome Humans…
Let’s talk a little about Planet Fallout and a couple key areas. Besides the latest daily news and feature articles written by staff covering Fallout 3 one of the biggest attractions at the site is the Fallout Wiki. The Fallout Wiki is a wealth of game content information that spans the entire Fallout series. What is the best part about the wiki? If you see something missing that you know about, than feel free to add or edit it in. Your expert knowledge of Fallout can help others and enrich the community. Drop by this page for more help regarding the wiki and how you can help. It is very easy!

Let us move on to the community powered databases here at Planet Fallout. What does ‘community powered databases’ mean exactly? In a nutshell it means you, the community, can submit or edit an entry into a database. For example, if you know of a Perk not currently listed in the Perks database, you can add it yourself (or edit an existing entry). Currently we have two live databases, one for Skills and the other for Perks. However, once the game is launched on October 28, 2008 we will be opening the rest. These include: Quests, Maps, Locations, NPC, Weapons, Schematics, Armor, Drugs, Tools, Items, Creatures and Radio Stations (right now these are being handled by the wiki). So be on the lookout for those once the game is out. We should also mention there will be a battery of more community-centric databases such as user created mods, videos and screenshots that will give you the ability to add these type of files directly to the site and share them with the community. However, since these areas pretty much rely on the actual game, we will be talking about them more in the future. I just wanted everyone to know these are planned.

Both Blinzler, Incognito and myself (in the shape of my evil alter ego Briosafreak101) are all working there, give us a visit and don’t forget to say hi!


2 thoughts on “Planet Fallout

  1. I hope to meet Homer soon!

    The plan remains the same, keep this place with updates until the end of October, then just leave it as a testimony of what was the last year and a half of the Fallout 3 saga and everything around it.

    There will be less updates than on Planet, of course, I have to focus more on that place.

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