One world, One Fallout 3

Edge got the scoop, all real life names of drugs were removed from every version of the game, following the Australian problems:

Speaking to Edge, Bethesda has explained what it calls a “misconception” regarding the classification of Fallout 3 in the Australian region. Edge has also learned that due to concerns and issues raised in the process of international classification, Fallout 3 will not contain real world drug references in any territory.

Pete Hines further clarified what’s up:

Calling the idea of an Australia-specific version of the game a “misconception,” Hines told us, “We want to make sure folks understand that the Australian version of Fallout 3 is identical to both the UK and North American versions in every way, on every platform.”[…] “An issue was raised concerning references to real world, proscribed drugs in the game, and we subsequently removed those references and replaced them with fictional names. To avoid confusion among people in different territories, we decided to make those substitutions in all versions of the game, in all territories.

So chems/drugs are still in, oldies like Jet and Mentats will show up again, together with new stuff. Real names like morphine were changed in all versions of the game, in that particular case it’s now known as Med-X.


3 thoughts on “One world, One Fallout 3

  1. Yeah, considering all the other drugs have fictional names, I actually thought Morphine would look a little odd in the lineup. Very happy that such a small change was made, although I was looking for a good reason to import the beyond collectors edition, edition.

  2. yeah i think it is really important to bowlderize all those realistic drugs. Cause kids these days can easily gain access on owning Fallout 3…. and imagine if they saw those drugs at walgreens… they be like… ” Hey i bet i could increase my tech stat by 5 points if i take this morphine drug”… that is not… good

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