Morning Pete

Pete Hines

Pete Hines

Sidney Morning Herald talks to Pete Hines:

ALTHOUGH the studio might not be a household name, many spouses and partners around the world must curse Bethesda Softworks for robbing them of their loved ones.

As one of the world’s leading specialists in role playing games, Bethesda has been churning out engrossing adventures for more than a decade, including the magnificent Elder Scrolls chapters Morrowind and Oblivion.

But even with such a strong pedigree in producing captivating adventures, many fans of the decade-old Fallout games have been apprehensive about Bethesda’s upcoming third chapter in the series. Bethesda spokesman Pete Hines assures critics that the development team wants the new game to be as special as Fallout fans do.

“The majority of the expectation that we have to live up to is our own,” MrHines says. “This is the next game that we are doing after Oblivion, which clearly did well for us. So there’s a lot of expectations from ourselves, stepping up our game and doing a game of hopefully even better calibre.


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