Platform For Sillyness

There’s a podcast at Platform Nation featuring Todd Howard, a small transcript from NMA:

Did that ever enter your mind: how are we going to not going to alienate the hardcore Fallout fans.

Well, we had a good idea of what we wanted to do with it, so we were pretty sure we were going to get it full bore. ’cause we knew we were going to make some changes that we thought would make a more fun game, but I think you take those risks and with anything – like Fallout – that has such a big following and is such a classic I think you have to be ready to get some of that. I think a lot of those people actually, if you read through some of the language they use, the things they care about are things we care about, making choices, being able to roleplay, talking to people and I think that because of the way the game is presented – it comes across as a big first person gorefest – that it gets lost that that stuff is in the game. You kind of just tell them that hey, look, we’re big Fallout fans too, we didn’t spend 4 years of our lives and millions and millions of dollars on this game because we want to fuck it up, right, we really like it, we wanted to make this game. The things people like about Fallout – we feel – are in it.

I heard the thing, and it ranges from annoying to embarrassing in general, since the people of PN aren’t very good at this, but Todd does his best to try to give some useful answers.


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