Interviews Pete Hines

Pete Hines and Denise from

Pete Hines and Denise from

And it’s an interesting one, here’s what they sent me:

On this years Games Convention we have spoken to Pete Hines, vice president of Bethesda Softworks. And we have managed to elicit some quite interesting information about Fallout 3. For instance he is speaking about invisible walls, multiplayer-modes or the synchronization of Fallout 3.
The text-version of the interview can be found here, in addition to that we are hosting a video of the interview.
We would like to see a news with our special on your site. The URL of your fanpage is already listet as best fansite in our article.
Thank you for that team, here’s a snippet of what you can find in the text and video interview: How do you plan to limit the gameworld? Will you use invisible walls?

Pete Hines: For the most part we usually find that people go to the edge of the world just to see what happens when they get there. So we could come up with fake terrain that would keep you from leaving, but most of the time folks get to the edge of the world and then they get a little message that says “You reached the edge of the world. Turn back”. And then they’ll move on. So we try not to overthink stuff like that. My next question is about the graphics. I saw some screenshots where exactly the same car-model was placed three times side by side. Were these bugs you’ve fixed by now?

Pete Hines: Even when travelling around here we sometimes find buildings where they built a set of apartments and they’re all built in a similar style and are part of a group of buildings. In Fallout it’s obviously a destroyed world. We try to vary the destruction in terms of “What would actually be here? How would this city have been built up first before it got destroyed?” We do spent a lot of time thinking about the variation of the architecture and what would it all look like once it was destroyed.[…] I played “Fallout 3” yesterday and I saw you have some violent scenes in it, heads blowing off for example. Will you have to cut the german version of the game?

Pete Hines: That’s still to be determined. We actually don’t believe in talking publicly about the differences between English, German or Australian versions. We will make sure that the game is out and available in Germany, but we don’t want to get into discussing what changes we might have to make.

Thanks Denise.


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