V3D and VATS at PAX

Image V3D

Image V3D

More PAX coverage, this time at VoodooExtreme:

Instead of going up the hill after entering the wastelands, I went down towards D.C. Instead. Todd and Emil were on-hand giving me tips as I went along. One of the major features that I didn’t use too much the first time I played was the VATS system. The concept of pausing combat, aiming at specific body parts, and queuing up attacks doesn’t come naturally to me. I’m glad I did though, as it was really cool.

Basically, when you get a bad guy in your sights, you press a button (on the PC you can put it to whatever you want, but if memory serves me correctly, it was the right trigger on the 360). Then you can scroll around and pick a region that you want to hit. The bigger the area, the better percentage to that specific part you have. Head shots (obviously) have more kill power than shooting someone in the leg, but you can literally blow different body parts off to cripple, disarm, or flat out gib your opponents.

Then, after selecting the region your shooting for, queue up the number of shots you want to take (it was “A” on the 360) then click the right bumper. How many shots can you take? That depends on how many action points you have saved up. They recharge over time, but typically you can spam like four or five at once if the demo was any indication. The VATS system works with both ranged and melee weapons, so that’s a bonus as well.

Moving on, I tried a few different quests this time around. I wasn’t able to play everything, as some were extremely spoiler-riffic, but I managed to meet a few new non-player characters and get my mass destructification on. The highlight (there wasn’t even a close second) was finding a fully functional flame-thrower.

Spotted at NMA.


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