Misc News From Around The Wasteland

Photo by Phylopod

Photo by Phylopod

We begin with Aeropause and lots of praise:

If you liked Oblivion, you will like Fallout 3. If you liked Fallout 1 and 2, you will like Fallout 3.

Because, they have done an AMAZING job of melding RPG elements from the originals into Fallout 3. The old stats like Action Points and Perks are, of course, adapted for the new 3D platform, but far from feeling tacked on, I felt very much the same as I did when I played Fallout for the first time.

We continue with The Exploding Barrel and some issues that weren’t very pleasant to some of those that went to PAX:

Despite Fallout 3 being more or less the premier showpiece for PAX, hundreds of gamers were turned away from the Bethesda presentation with little more than a half-hearted apology and a Fallout cardboard decoration to console our broken hearts. While I got a chance to play the Fallout 3 demo earlier today, I really wanted to go to the presentation. What really irked me even more than the fact that I ended up standing in line for hours for absolutely nothing was the fact that those who did get to attend were rewarded with the Penny Arcade Fallout 3 puppet and poster which are quite possibly the coolest and most awesome piece of free swag at PAX.

And finnally Killzig brings news that GamerSyde is now also mirroring the new gameplay movies.


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