Fallout Three Times Informer

Screenshot Tanhauser/NMA

Screenshot Tanhauser/NMA

GameInformer had the privilege of placing three diferent guys playing Fallout 3 and now shows their exchange of experiences:

During E3, Bethesda gave us the opportunity to get our hands on Fallout 3, the company’s long-anticipated post-apocalyptic RPG. While we had a great time in our allotted 30 minutes, we were left craving more. Much more. Well, at Leipzig’s German Games Convention, we got another stab at it. Three of us (Game Informer Online’s Nick Ahrens and Jeff Cork, along with Game Informer Magazine’s Bryan Vore) got an hour with the game, starting with our character leaving the vault for the first time in his life.

As we sat at our Xbox 360 stations, we decided to make the most of our relatively limited time with the game and go in different directions. Afterward, we chatted about our experiences. Surprisingly, even in that short span of time we walked away with unique encounters, observations and more.

Nick Ahrens: I went left out of the vault. Left and backward. I should have looked at the compass, but I was too excited and just ran off. It was like being a kid

Jeff Cork: I kind of meandered straight and ended up running into the ruins of Washington D.C. Since we only had an hour, I wasn’t able to get to the Washington Monument; because of the way it’s laid out, there’s a lot of stuff that’s blocked off. You probably have to go through the ruins a specific way to get there, unless there’s some sneaky path I wasn’t able to find in the time I had. I really wanted to check it out, but I couldn’t do it.

Bryan Vore: I went straight south, and I ended up in Megaton, then I proceeded to some abandoned city that didn’t have any recognizable landmarks. There were a lot of scavengers in there.[…]

Bryan: Yeah, it felt like we’d just sat down when time ran out. The crappy thing is, right when we were about done, I’d just beaten this guy with a flamethrower and a rocket launcher, and I was looting his shop and taking his sporks and potato chips and was getting ready to use his weapons. Then it was, “Sorry, time to get up.”

Nick: People said, “Oh, it’s just going to be Oblivion and Fallout,” but a lot of the stuff was already in Fallout. The looting, the bartering and all that crazy stuff. The thing is, Bethesda basically transitioned it into an Oblivion-style view, which is really just a first-person view. It’s not so much that they blended the two, it’s just that the Elder Scroll games matched the Fallout games so well to begin with. It wasn’t anything that they needed to force, really.

Jeff: Did you stick with the default view?

Nick: I worked with a couple of them. I did a lot of first-person stuff with my shooting, but if you hold the right bumper down on the Xbox 360—and I assume it’s going to be L1 on the PS3—you can go to a third-person view, much like RE4 or Gears of War. The cool thing is that you can actually zoom in and out and go around your character. Unlike Oblivion, where you’d let go and it would disappear, it’ll stay there now, so you can have your character way out there if you want, almost like in the original game.

Jeff: So what did you think overall?

Nick: An hour was not enough. It’s awesome.

Spotted by Marusia on the BGS Fallout 3 Forum.


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