Infinite Angles

A bit off topic but I’ve been so busy with the coming release of Fallout 3 and work that I’ve stopped for too long to take a look on whatelse is happening.

So this time I’ll bring you the interview of Vince D. Weller to the excelent Alley of Infinite Angles blog:

4. What made you go for turn-based combat in Age of Decadence, and what do you have to say to those who believe that it is a relic of the past?

Real time and first-person view are as old as turn-based and isometric. Probably even older. See Diablo 3 “OMG! Why is it isometric?!” drama for more info:

“Camera is not technology,” says Wilson [Diablo 3 lead designer], clearly somewhat frustrated. “People associate the camera with isometric and say: ‘Oh, why didn’t you update the tech?’ Well, we did update the tech. The camera has nothing to do with tech, the camera is all about gameplay. Isometric gameplay is very different from FPS or over-the-shoulder third person – which is pretty much what the entire industry is moving towards. But then some of the biggest hits of the last year were Guitar Hero and Rock Band, and those were not high-tech games. Gameplay is what matters; it’s what’s always mattered to us.”

Similarly, turn-based isn’t about tech, it’s about gameplay. It can’t be a relic because games like Civilization and Heroes of Might and Magic still exist and aint going nowhere. To understand what TB offers, let’s imagine RT Civ. Imagined? Well, there you go.

Turn-based gameplay is about thinking, considering your options, and using tactical advantages. Real-time gameplay is about clicking really, really fast (hence the twitch gameplay name). The fact that when developers want to offer you a bit more depth in your RT cereal they pause it, should tell you everything you need to know.

Why AoD is turn-based? Because we like TB games and we spit on your RT crap. What? The mike is still on. Oh, shit! Now we’d have to issue a press-release stating that RT games are as good as TB games and that we are all huge RT fans. Thanks a lot!

I love his interviews, and the Alley needs more exposure, it’s one of my favorite places from those that take a serious look on gaming culture in general.


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