Inside Bloomfield

Brian Bloomfield

From the Bethblog:

Today’s Inside the Vault features Brian Bloomfield from our QA dept.

What’s your job at Bethesda?
Quality Assurance Project Lead

What other games have you worked on?
I’ve worked on Oblivion, Fallout 3, Star Trek: Tactical Assault, Start Trek: Legacy, Star Trek: Conquest, Pirates of the Carribean: Legend of Jack Sparrow, AMF Pinbusters Wii, AMF Pinbusters DS, and Ducati DS.

What is the best part about working as a testers? The worst part?
I work with some of the most talented people I’ve ever met. It is also an awesome sight to see your name in a game played by millions.  The worst part, I think, is the misconception that I get paid to “play video games”. I have a friend, who happens to be a firefighter in Frederick County, and he thinks my job is a step above Mime, and a step below Magician.


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