Screenshots Leaked, Heavy Spoilers Ahead

Character Creation Screen

Character Creation Screen

This blogpost might involve going to places with HEAVY SPOILERS, so please skip it if you don’t want the beginning of the game all ruined. If you don’t mind that read away, just click bellow:

From NMA:

It appears that Bethesda held a press demonstration of Fallout 3 in Taiwan, following which a number of Chinese and/or Taiwanese gaming sites have posted a report. This in itself is not remarkable from what can be gleaned (and I hesitate to quote from a Google translation), but the assortment of accompanying screenshots is. Among many other things you can see dialogue with Mr Burke, a talkative ghoul called Roy Phillips, and a balcony scene following the Megaton explosion. If you don’t want spoilers, you should probably steer clear of these. It’s been suggested that they violate the NDA a tad, so if you want to, look at them while they’re there.

And Kotaku:

Although I probably should leave anything in Japanese to Bash, pictures speak any language, and there are nearly 150 of them of Fallout 3 that have hit the Internet following the Zenimax Asia expo (Zenimax owns Fallout developer Bethesda.) Tipster Brother None, the forum admin over at No Mutants Allowed, writes: “Apparently the people viewing Fallout 3 in the ZeniMax Asia showing in Taiwan did not take their NDAs very seriously.” Apparently so. We have a gallery of 28 screenies on the jump, with a link to the entire set.

You can read more about the new info on the Bethsoft Fallout 3 forum here and here. Many pics look much better than the official pictures released so far, that’s crazy.


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