Igromania Previews Fallout 3

From Igromania/Bethesda Softworks

From Igromania/Bethesda Softworks

NMA is reporting that Russian mag Igromania has a Fallout 3 preview:

  • Once they got into the river and saw some kind of shell there. They swam up closer and it appeared to be alive and attacked the PC.
  • You can give your companions orders like “Stay here” or “Attack”.
  • Megaton’s crime boss Moriarty has a computer which contains some important information on the main quest. There are different ways to get access to that information:
    • You can pay Moriarty for it.
    • You can make friends with the ghoul bartender, who will tell you how to access the computer.
    • You can also talk to the prostitute, who’s working for Moriarty, and get the info from her.
  • You receive some sort of “holographic message” from your father when he leaves the Vault.
  • The article is mostly praising Fallout 3 for being a very interesting game.
  • It also mentions the lack of good animation.

There is more info there, Incognito got us some notes with other stuff, but it’s SPOILER HEAVY. If you still want to know more read after the break.

If you blow up Megaton, Burke gives you an apartment in his tower, which is basically another building. Burke himself hates ghouls, poor and other “weak”. There’s a ghoul trying to get into the building, he goes as far as showing his bag of money to prove that he’s rich, but nonetheless he doesn’t get in;

You can lie to Maria about the wasteland and as a result her book will have whatever you tell her;

Jericho is an ex raider and an alcoholic, he won’t join you if you’re too good, he thinks he’s not good enough for you(this bit was a bit confusing);

In the dungeons you can come across locked doors that open later, when you take quests;

A random encounter with an empty house had a trap, a shotgun that was connected to the door, so when you open the door you get shot with it;

If you shoot an eyebot, it calls Enclave;

Once, after diving in a river, we saw something that looked like a gigantic clam. When we swam closer to it, it suddenly opened an eye. Panicking, we swam back to the shore. The thing followed us. We watched for a good 30 minutes. Eventually it came on shore, slowly pulled out its legs and arms from the clam, now being human sized, and, slowly, charged at us”;

They also said there are too many “car islands” in the wasteland, just sitting there, waiting to be exploded;

Moriarty can tell you where to find ghoul city(that’s in the Metro tunnels);

Maria can sell you the Rockit launcher schematicsshe also has a bench that you can use to build things.


4 thoughts on “Igromania Previews Fallout 3

  1. Sorry for abusing, but I noticed it was your 37th birthday, so:

    Happy birthday! Don’t punch through any doors, like Slaughter did once. 😀

  2. well it sounds like its gonna still be a cool game, when I pre-ordered my fallout game from gamestop they said the release date was early october like the 7th or 11th i cant remmeber

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