Nuka Cola Bottle Opener

Very cute, you can get it by pre-ordering Fallout 3 at Best Buy:

I work at best buy and i thought you guys might like to know that BB has started doing pre-orders for Fallout 3 and the collectors edition. In the game case you get when you pre-order is a Nuke cola bottle opener. It has a magnet on the back so it can be stuck on your fridge. Maybe not as sweet as a hand puppet, but it’s something else that all us Fallout freaks will love!


4 thoughts on “Nuka Cola Bottle Opener

  1. It’s actually pretty sweet, and a great addition to any Fallout display. I’m just glad it sticks to my metal Fallout Shelter sign! But what’s cool is it only costs $5.00, so even if you already pre-ordered somewhere else and want the bottle opener for your collection, just go to BB and pick it up for five bucks!

  2. Well, you also get a $5 coupon for the strategy book at Best Buy, so if you planned on getting that, it’s essentially free.

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