Lockpicking the Moriarty Saloon

Remember the EuroGamer Fallout 3 Second Look? At one point it was mentioned this:

The saloon door is locked, meaning we have to tease it open with picks (instigating a simple but entertaining mini-game). This is all a little strange, as, once inside, we find that the place is actually open for business after all, and the saloon owner, who boasts a lovely silver mullet and a voice like Terry Wogan, doesn’t seem to mind – or notice – that we’ve just forced our way in.

Matt “Gstaff” Grandstaff explains what might have happened:

To clarify on this, it sounds to me like he went through the back door to the saloon…which is locked.

Still no word on the lack of reactions when you shoot inside the saloon.


3 thoughts on “Lockpicking the Moriarty Saloon

  1. It’s radiant AI, not brilliant AI. Clearly…

    The backdoor entry can be explained away.
    But shooting around and nobody minding it? No ducking etc.?
    That’s disappointing.

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