EB Games Australia: Fallout 3 Release Date

Fallout 3 Special Edition, coming in October

Fallout 3 Special Edition, coming in October

Here’s a press release from EB Games as seen on GamerChip:

Fallout 3 MA15 and coming October 17th!

Today is a great day for Australian Fallout fans! After recent news that Fallout 3 had been refused classification by the OFLC, many of us were worried that we wouldn’t see one of the biggest game of the year. But fear no more – the OFLC has just awarded Fallout 3 an MA15 rating for Strong violence, drug references and coarse language.

Not only that, but the new release date of October 17th has now been confirmed by RedAnt, as well as the EB Games exclusive Collector’s Edition!

So get pre-ordering Fallout fans! Numbers of the super-hot exclusive Collector’s Edition are limited, and it’s not something you want to miss out on! You can check out more details of this EB Games exclusive Collector’s Edition by clicking on a pack-shot below.

This date is still not confirmed by Bethesda Softworks or the Australian distributor Red Ant.

Also VideoGaming247 adds this mysterious note:

Bethesda has yet to confirm a PAL date despite saying the game will ship in the US on October 7 at E3.

Now that’s new to me…


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