New Fallout 3 Interviews and Gameplay Footage

Click the image to go to GameTrailers

Uploaded by Bleenk-2ICE, from a Bravo report. Really new gameplay material, you have to take a look. The embeded video is broken, so just head to GameTrailers to watch it.

There’s also a very big and quite thorough video interview with Pete Hines on Gamers Universe, highly recomended.

Finally yesterday I saw a Fallout 3 preview and interview with Todd Howard at BBCWorld, and now you can check it in their site. They’ve added a few thoughts now:

The action takes place in an enormous radioactive wasteland which was formally Washington DC. Encounters with what look like extras from the Mad Max movies are common here.

Combat with these foes can include the use of a limited number of action points which freeze time allowing the player to take out enemies with ease.

The game’s developers, Bethesda Softworks, claim there is up to a 100 hours of gameplay. But all of this detail takes a long time to bring to the screen.

“Our sort of design and development philosophy is great games are played and not made.

We play the game a lot and then say what we think is working, what do we want do more of, what do we want to do less of and what we want to take out. It’s part of the reason our games take three or four years to make,” said game director of Fallout 3, Todd Howard.


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