Finnish Fallout 3

NMA gaves us a few ideas taken from the Finnish Fallout 3 preview:

About Action points:
-It takes about 20 seconds for action points to charge full.

About Fatman:
– With nuclear grenade launcher you could calm even the suburbs of Paris. But bigsized nuclear nades are so sturdy widgets, that their after-radiation stands up even in the well-bombed Washington. It is not recommended to walk over radiation field that nukes produce. Although nuclear nades are quite effective weapons, at the same time they limit the player – the gun weights a lot and projectiles are rare. If player has too much stuff with him, it’s harder to move.

– A funny detail: Enemy was shot in a VATS-mode, but the nuke missed him just slightly. But instead it hit a column behind the enemies, exploded and the pressure wave hurled mutant in to air.

About missions:
– There doesn’t seem to be any “kill 50 rats and bring their tails”-style missions in the game.

About AI:
-There is still a question that has not been answered, regarding the A.I of enemies. How will enemies act and move? From what we have seen, we are hopeful. The smarter human opponents could move and take cover during firefight. Occasionally they started firing from their cover, then they hide or changed location. They are not the smartest guys around, but they’re not the most senseless idiots either. Some enemies tried to escape when starting to lose, some accepted to stand still and get their ass kicked.

-Even though the AI didn’t yet shine, the situation is promising. Game is still unfinished, the tested version was over a month old and there still time before release date. That means that Bethesda has time to work on AI. Lets keep our thumbs up.


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