Fallout 3 Welt

Image GamersGlobal

Image GamersGlobal

GamersGlobal already had a Fallout 3 preview, now they added a small interview with Pete Hines:

In our Fallout 3 preview from E3 we have criticized Fallout 3 for feeling too easy in our test session. We’ve asked Pete Hines from Bethesda for some clarifications (by e-mail), and here are his answers:

1. Was the E3 version “simplified”, e.g. by making the hero’s character more powerful than he would be in the finished game at that early stage? Or was every V.A.T.S. hit in the E3 version a critical hit?

Pete Hines: It was simplified in terms of giving you the highest stats for the weapons you start off with. Every VATS hit in the E3 version was not a critical hit. Far from it. It’s random, so some folks may see more or less of it when they play for any period of time.

2. Will V.A.T.S. head shots be always fatal, if they hit?

Pete Hines: No. there is an amount of damage it will do to the limb, and an amount it does to the enemy’s overall health. In the easier creatures you would have faced early on, they don’t have much health so they die easier. As you explore out and fight tougher creatures, you find that you can cripple one or more body parts before you can kill the enemy.

You can read the rest here. Still in Germany there are two new previews, one from Krawall Gaming Network and another from OnlineWelten.


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