Interview with Pete Hines at TVG:

TVG: What sort of influences did you draw from to create Fallout 3’s post-apocalyptic world?

It comes from a lot of different places. If you haven’t read it yet, we’ve put up these team diaries on our website and Adam Adamowicz did one (he’s our Concept Artist) where he talks about the concepts for all of the stuff in the game – how he came up with the ideas; where he looked for sources of inspiration.

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that the look we were most trying to nail was the look of Fallout 1, but brought into a realistic first-person view. We spent a lot of time trying to work out how to capture that look and that feel. Beyond that, there’s a lot of different stuff. From an architectural standpoint, we’ve been looking at a lot of different architecture from the 40s/50s era; the ‘Guggy’ architecture and that kind of thing.

For the look of the creatures in the world, some of it was just taking something like a Braman [Brahmin] and bringing it into this game the best way that we could imagine that Braman not being a little thing on the screen, but being this giant two-headed cow/bull thing. All of that is innovative – it’s like, ‘Okay, well if that’s what that looks like, we’re going to have this new creature and how would that mutated thing look’, or ‘What would a Molerat look like given the other pantheon of creatures we have, both new and old.’

The number of iterations we did on the Vault suit… It was like, ‘What would it actually look like, you know? On a person, what would it practically look like? Where would it have hatches or zippers?’, every little detail to try and make sure that we’ve nailed the look of that stuff, and made it look and feel just right for the world that we’re talking about.

TVG: We had a walk through Greyditch in our hands on today and we had a look at Megaton during our First Look last year. How many other cities are there in the game world?

There are not actually that many cities. There are a couple and then there are a lot of little settlements and places where a few people have huddled together to try to survive in this world, but not big thriving cities. You go here; you find somebody who’s trading some goods; there are a couple of houses, and over here is this lady and her boy scratching out an existence. It’s more of that as opposed to, ‘Oh, here’s this big city!’ It’s post-apocalyptic DC; they have lots of issues staying alive.


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