Guardian With Hines


Interview with Pete Hines at The Guardian Games blog:

How do you keep the wasteland setting interesting- both visually and from a content perspective?

It’s one of those things we have spent a long time on. We needed more variation than we had originally. It isn’t always obvious the first time you play through either. There are a lot of nice touches such as the raiders with baseball caps who attack you on a baseball pitches. We’ve got a good mix of things to find in the world. Regarding visuals, it’s much easier to do a beautiful setting with rivers and waterfalls and trees but there is a real beauty in the destruction of things. You come over a hill and in front of you is what used to be a highway and someone has set up a settlement under the bridge for protection. It’s really interesting to see how people have tried to live on in this world. We tried to vary what you find but also give you those epic vistas.

Is there still the same freedom of gameplay as in Oblivion?

There are plenty of ways to solve most quests. You can play using stealth if you put enough points in. This makes it easier to find rare loot. Science points allow you to hack machines. You can really customise your experience. And then there’s the whole good, neutral, evil aspect. This is based on how you deal with people in the game. Definitely go to talk to Gob, the bartender in Megaton. If you take his feelings into account you get a different experience and he will talk to you differently. How you resolve conflicts generally plays a big part in affecting your karma.

How influential were the original games for you?

Part of what makes Fallout great is this juxtaposition of a positive alternate 1950’s view of life pre nuclear war with the reality after. Like you’re in an elementary school with posters that say to “duck and cover” under your desk when the bomb falls. So clearly that didn’t work! Seeing the idealistic optimistic pre-war view with the bombed out reality is really powerful.

Interesting interview this time.


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