New Classification in Australia Soon

Trying to cross the bridge to a full release down under

From Internode Games Network:

Weekends generally aren’t times for big news to be released, but the past couple of days have been hinting at something that may well make a lot of Australian gamers very happy. We’ve been hearing from several little birdies that Fallout 3 will be modified for release in Australia, thus ensuring that we won’t miss out completely after the original version was refused classification early last month.

While, as always, these rumours should be taken with a healthy pinch of salt, I’ve just gotten off the phone to the Classifications Board, and they’ve confirmed that a second edition of Fallout 3 has indeed been submitted for classification.

Before you go dancing in the streets, keep in mind that this new submission may be knocked back as well, but Bethesda are pretty savvy, they’ve read the details on why the game was refused classification here, and they’ve obviously made what they consider to be the “appropriate” changes.

Read the rest here, spotted at


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