Fallout 3: UGO At “Bethesda”

UGO Fallout 3 hands on preview:

It turned out that another group of those pesky raiders had decided to call the area formerly known as Bethesda their new home.  And one of them had a hunting rifle.  We targeted him first, running up a bludgeoning the poor bastard to death with a baseball bat.  Snatching up the hunting rifle, we turned on VATS, took aim at the next raider’s head and… oh shit… time’s up.  The few potshots we had queued up flew wild and we were hustled away from the demo station, to make room for the next group of journalists.

After 28 minutes we walked away armed with no better understanding of Fallout 3 than we previously had, but with a newfound mad desire to see and explore as much of the broken world as possible.  The game feels and plays exactly the way it looks, like a post-apocalyptic remix of Elder Scrolls.  We’ve still got plenty of questions about the story, sidequests, NPC interactions and more, but the brief taste of Fallout 3’s freedom at the tail end of E3 turned out to be one of the most delicious morsels we sampled at the show.


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