Best PS3 G 2 PSU

Fallout 3 won the Best PS3 Game award at PSU:

Edging out some very stiff competition (seriously, we debated this one for hours on end), Bethesda’s Fallout 3 nabs our crown for Best PS3 game of E3 2008. Featuring some of the most intricately designed visuals we’ve seen to date, this post-apocalyptic epic not only looks the business, but offers an incredibly vast, captivating gameplay experience explored through its bleak, open-ended wastelands of North America. With an intuitive combat system, dozens of classes to master, not to mention the inclusion of two viewpoints and gameplay styles to suit your own personal preference, Fallout 3 is the one game to watch out for when it finally hits stores, appropriately enough, this fall.

It seems that was a rather controversial decision, just read the comments on that page. Spotted on the BGFO3 Forum.


2 thoughts on “Best PS3 G 2 PSU

  1. Considering E3 was the “hey, PS3? Fuck you!” event for Fallout 3, I’m not surprised it’s a controversial decision. It’s a multiplatform title with a gimped release for the PS3 and…it wins a PS3 award?

    Though its non-exclusive nature seems to be the biggest problem for the users there.

  2. They have four problems with the PS3 supporters:

    -No DLC to Oblivion;
    -No trophies for Fallout 3, at this moment anyway;
    -Constant references that the XBox360 as their platform of choice;
    -No DLC for Fallout 3 either.

    And besides the non exclusive nature the fact that is being presented as an RPG is also causing problems to the PSU readers, they are a more FPS/action adventure focused crew.

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