The Escapist Zero Punctuation : The E3 Trailer Park

In the middle of the video Yahtzee talks a bit about Fallout 3 and Bethesda games. A bit NSFW though. I giggled.

Ricardo “socrates200x” Gonzalez shares his views about the video:

I don’t know. I mean, V.A.T.S. did get knocked down from “groovy pants” to “pants”, which I guess is better than “no pants at all”. I have to reserve judgment on his judgment until I get some clarification on the extents of this pants continuum.


4 thoughts on “The Escapist Zero Punctuation : The E3 Trailer Park

  1. I’m glad that petition to get Ricardo on dialog went nowhere. You can have your groovy pants back when you give us an option to disable the bullet-cam.

  2. Well I’m still hopeful that it does go somewhere one day, clicking in his profile and checking his posts on the forum is one of the very few things that I find to be fun in that place. Very, very few things.

    There is a Brothers Marx meet Pratchett quality in some of the things he writes.

    Oh and again very, very, very few things.

  3. You’re being very, very generous. Back to the ZP! video, as Ausir pointed out elsewhere, Yahtzee isn’t a big fan of RPGs it seems. At least not the more recent offerings.

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