No Cryolator, A Few Misses At MTV Multiplayer



More Fallout 3 talk at MTV Multiplayer blog:

Howard dropped some other bits of info for me. I asked him about novel weapons and the obligatory tactical clichés like melee and range weapons. He mentioned that they removed one tried-and-true video game offensive technique: freezing. It didn’t play very well. We talked about the game’s 500-something endings and he confirmed that they are generated by the game, which assembles a quick sequence of scenes that correspond to a handful of key choices players will be forced to make along the way. We talked about music and he regaled me with examples of licensed 40s music that sounds amazing, like a sad-sounding song called “Happy Time” sung by Bing Crosby’s brother Bob. Said Howard: “He kind of sound like his brother but there’s some remorse — I hear that in him.” Gamers can also anticipate listening to singer Roy Brown’s “Butcher Pete” which is about a serial killer but is also a euphemism for sex and is, according to Howard, “really fast, peppy song and the refrain is: He’s chopping up all the women’s meat.”

The last thing I wanted to ask Howard about before wrapping up the interview was the name of the game’s first town, Megaton. It can be blown up. It’s the result of a bombing. Surely the town’s name is related to all that. But if “Fallout 3″ isn’t secretly political, could we at least assume that the town’s name is secretly a reference to the gaming message-board meme about “Megatons,” which are over-hyped announcements? Nope, Howard told me.

Clearly I kept seeing things in “Fallout 3″ that weren’t there.

If you read the article you’ll agree with that last sentence. Thanks Incognito.


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