More E3 For All Tastes

NMA has a list of more Fallout 3 previews from E3, this time from Gamervision,, Gamer 2.0 and Totally Rad Show. It also brings news of GamingTrend getting back to Fallout 3:

* The animation system in Fallout 3 is obviously improved over Oblivion, but occasionally it seemed stilted and somewhat unnatural. Is there enough time to polish this rough edge?
* Brown is the new black. With the landscape being a desolate wasteland, how much brown, rusted brown, copper-tinted brown, and dusty brown can one person take? With only 30 minutes of gameplay, many areas already felt similar.
* A great deal of work has been put into the Gamebryo engine – the game looks beautiful and incredibly detailed, even beyond that of Oblivion. The weapons look authentic and antiqued, often held together by bandages, tape, or just beaten down like the landscape. Tires, trash, and various other debris dot the landscape. A light wind stirred the hot dust, giving a bit of life to the scene.
* You could spend a lifetime just scavenging in this game. I found items in cupboards, trash cans, on dead bodies, lying on the floor, in mailboxes, and everywhere in between.
* The control mechanics map perfectly to a controller. I didn’t feel constrained in any way by the 360 interface.
* The drive to see more is very much present. Time flew by and all I wanted to do was skip the rest of E3 and play the rest of this game. The world is compelling, and I want to see how well the Fallout world is conveyed by this new team.

In other news GamePro gave the Fallout 3 E3 Trailer the number 11 in the list of the best at E3. Also French has a diferent take on what they saw:

Our Vault Dweller does not run, he walks as stiff as a piece of wood. A rigid animation which caracterizes a game which, technically, appeared as rather deceiving. The level of details of the textures clearly reminded us of Oblivion, a trip into the past since much better looking things have been released since. Impossible also not to think of the deception the Fallout fans will feel when they get out of the Vault. They, who will discover a game the general appearance of which has nothing in common with the first two episodes and who will have to adhere to this new vision of the nuclear apocalypse which has more to do with a hesitating cybernetism à la Mad Max. They also who won’t be able to ignore so much aliasing and these low res textures. However, even though Fallout 3 looks rather ugly, you only have to get away from the screen a little bit to seize this impression of greatness and this isolated look on the desolated world which surrounds you. Deception then is partially replaced by a sense of ambition. And what if Fallout 3 under its maybe deceiving appearance really offered the great, totally free, incredibly immersive and open adventure it has always promised ?

Translation by MrBumble at NMA.


One thought on “More E3 For All Tastes

  1. that is one thing that bugs me with most newer games…. they all end up using the same color palette (for realism) over and over again.

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