Changes In Games For Windows Live

According to GamaSutra Games For Windows Live will be entirely free from now on:

During its ongoing Gamefest 2008 developer conference in Seattle, Microsoft announced that it is removing all subscription fees from Games for Windows Live services.

This fall, it also plans to launch a new Windows game marketplace akin to its existing Xbox Live Marketplace. Content, such as new gameplay, demos, and trailers, can be free or paid based on publisher choice.

Features of the PC-based Live service, which have varying levels of support among Games for Windows-branded titles, include skill-based matchmaking, a friends list, voice and text chat, and achievements, some of which were already free. The system’s user interface will also be redesigned.

Said Microsoft’s Entertainment Business Division CTO Chris Satchell during a Gamefest keynote address, “The first UI was good but it was too console-centric. It wasn’t really what Windows gamers wanted. We have a new UI that’s consistent with the way Windows gamers want to interact. It’s free to you as a developer, and we’re reducing the technical requirements.”

Fallout 3 is a GFW game, so this might be of some interest in the future.


One thought on “Changes In Games For Windows Live

  1. This change would only matter if FO3 had some sort of cross-platform multi-player component. I think someone made the interesting point that BethSoft is withholding the mod tools to help sales of their own DLC. Couple that with MSFT rolling out a marketplace of their own. Would be a shame if we had to settle for a few inferior bits of for pay DLC instead of the superior user created free stuff that Oblivion got.

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