Interview with Todd At Joystiq

You can listen to an interview with Todd Howard at Joystiq, a few points that are discussed:

  • Fallout 1 and 2 both contained a lot of humor… but will Fallout 3 have any? Yes. Although they won’t be breaking the fourth wall like the other games did.
  • What’s the exploding pants achievement? You can sneak up to unsuspecting mutants and drop a grenade in their pants. Why isn’t this in other games?
  • Interplay worked on this game for a long time, did Bethesda end up keeping anything? No. However, they did have a playable build of the original F3, which you can find here in all its bug-laden glory.
  • Interplay is developing the MMO, and Bethesda has approval over everything. It’s a strange reversal of licenses and fortunes.[…]
  • Will this game appease Oblivion fans? “If they’re mainly into swords and elves, I don’t think they’ll like it.”
  • When the Bethesda folks finish a game, they have a contest to see who can run through all the main quests in the fastest time. The winner gets a pie of their choosing. Can we instigate this policy at Joystiq?
  • They considered doing dual-wielding, but the trouble is that you have to then add two animations, one for each weapon. It might make an appearance in their next game.
  • Did they think about calling it something besides Fallout 3? Like, Fallout: Origins? They did, but Howard is “not a fan of that… I like Halo 1, Halo 2, Halo 3. It didn’t hurt Grand Theft Auto 3, did it?”

There’s more, head for Joystiq for the rest.


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