Chicks Don’t Dig Tom

Tom Chick from Crispy Gamer wrote on his Quarter to Three forum a post attacking violently Wired’s Ernest Cavalli for his take on Fallout 3:

Man, that’s really disappointing to read that stuff on Wired. I had my thirty minutes with the game today and it was over like *that*. I barely had time to meet a few characters, dig the combat against a couple of molerats and dogs, and do a little perking up, all the while tuned into a crackly broadcast playing some Billie Holiday. Based on these preliminary bits of awesomeness, I couldn’t even begin to comment on the quality of the writing. Because pretty much all I’ve seen are a few dialog choices.

It’s a mystery to me how Earnest Cav. can make pronouncements like he’s made based on the thirty minutes of time we get at E3. That’s a pretty sad smear job.

As for likable characters, heck, I really liked two of the people I met. The black guy in the cowboy hat who you saw in one of the early screenshots is the sheriff of Megaton, a town built around a crater with an unexploded nuclear bomb — Fat Man style — at the bottom. He was your standard-issue small frontier town sheriff, but plenty likeable, even when you’re trying to sass him. I also liked Gob, the irradiated ghoul bartender, who’s obviously supposed to be a sympathetic character.

Anyway, nice work, Wired. 😦 I guess they’re hiring from NMA, or RPG Codex, or wherever these goofballs spawn from.

Seems these days everyone that has a different view about the Fallout 3 E3 demo must be a communist/terrorist/nma’er/rpgcodex’er. Weird times.

Spotted at NMA.


14 thoughts on “Chicks Don’t Dig Tom

  1. chick’s right though. how could cavalli possibly have seen so much more of the game in those 30 minutes than anyone else

    and to read his article he says he did some exploration, some combat, and still had time to judge the entire game
    he may not be from nma or wherever, but to write off the entirety of the writing after experiencing just a few minutes of it is ridiculous

    I have to disagree here, Cavalli’s impressions are as legitimate as the ones stating that the game will be “awesome”, it will be “oblivion with guns but that’s a good thing” or “Fallout 3 is wicked cool”. It’s just that, general impressions after a limited playtime with the game.

    Turning that into a conspiracy to “smear” the game, no doubt inspired by the Codex or NMA is the childish fanboyistic attitude here.

  2. I’m pretty sure he was kidding about that. i don’t disagree with Tom. It’s hard to judge a story based on a limited demo and only two NPC interactions. Cavalli should have also been more concrete in describing what he didn’t like. He was pretty vague when supporting his negative opinions.

  3. On another note, I’m not sure why NMA decided to run this as FP news. Getting the locals riled up with outsider opinion is the sort of shit that gets us marginalized to begin with. Does this really matter?

  4. It shows the exclusion mechanisms of any dissent voice that happen in gaming journalism, as in other fields of societal life.

    So yeah, it’s important to reflect a bit on what’s at stake here.

    Although the best comment I read about this was actually from someone at RPGWatch:

    I love the Qt3 forums. I can’t decide if my favorite part is their ever more desperate attempts to put down NMA in order to convince themselves that they are somehow less nerdy and obsessive about games or their slagging off the Wii because it is dumbing down console games. And they say Americans don’t get irony.

  5. As noted in the comments at Gaming|Life, a negative preview as fine as long as you can actually point to what it is dragging the game down for you. He could have mentioned the lousy AI, the poor animations or even how the bloody mess death animations all looked more or less the same. He didn’t. He gave reasons like, “..the fans won’t like it.”

    I don’t know. I see where you’re coming from on that angle but if you’re using this particular preview to argue that you’re already starting at a loss.

  6. On another note, I’m not sure why NMA decided to run this as FP news. Getting the locals riled up with outsider opinion is the sort of shit that gets us marginalized to begin with. Does this really matter?

    Somehow I always end up posting pieces like this after someone else does. The quote from SA in which a Bethesda dev called NMA supernerds? Only posted it after RPGCodex did. Same here, only posted it because RPGWatch did.

    Why? Interest of fairness, really. A journalist feels he’s justified in calling a preview a smear piece. Since said preview stands out as the most negative American one in this round, it’s a fair cop to let the backlash be heard.

    Our negative rep long since took on too much of a life on its own, and the type of people that inhabit QTT are beyond any form of reasonable argument anyway.

  7. I could add tits if it helps.

    You take it too seriously, killzig. These guys at QTT always get very upset at the thought of NMA and anyone disagreeing with them and are stuck in this mode perpetually.

    Why give them any attention? Why give them any consideration? I post what I want to post and what they think of it does not factor into my considerations. Their existence does not factor into my considerations. Let them obsess over NMA, why should that be any concern of any of us?

  8. Killzig Kunikos must be wrong, I think Todd is talking about traveling, where there are a lot of random encounters, and not fast traveling, where they have been very clear that it won’t have encounters, as you saw in the fan interview.

  9. Kharn, it’s not a big deal to me. I just grow tired of hearing the same back and forth. Please add tits to your next newspost about people hating on Fallout fans. I would greatly appreciate it.

    Briosa, yeah, I think we arrived at that. I had to look at the video again. Hopefully the encounters are more interesting than the ones in Morrowind. It sounds like a similar system.

  10. Oh bleh, Killzig, NMA must have had a grand total of half a dozen posts specifically talking about journalists hating on NMA vs. the gajillion posts on Fallout 3 in general.

    It’s seriously mostly a one-way street. We’ve never covered any poking fun from SA at NMA, even when it hit their frontpage, and we don’t allow people to whine about QTT or SA or whoever on our forums. So it’s not back and forth, it’s just back, a lot.

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