Around Calais

Two interesting previews, first from RockPaperShotgun:

Talking about my hands-on experience of Fallout 3 actually feels a little dicey, because when I sat down to play I was given a long list of things I wasn’t supposed to talk about, which I promptly forgot. I know I wasn’t supposed to talk about anything the loading screens say (they feature background details on the world) which is a shame, as my reaction to one of them forms an at least mildly interesting anecdote. But let’s press on.[…]

Anyway, after a few short battles, a bit of exploring and some interface fiddling (the Pip Boy 3000 is perfectly usable) my time was over. Before leaving I picked up one of the promotional bottles of “Nuka Cola” which was literally flat cola (and kind of nice for that, somehow) and asked Todd if they were going to include modding tools with the game for PC. His answer? That they haven’t announced anything, and they’re very focused on making a great game first and genuinely don’t know if they’ll include one or not.

It’d be a real shame if they didn’t as the modding community around Oblivion is pretty great, but it seems like at least the lessons they’ve learned from Oblivion might mean this is a game that doesn’t need patching by fans to make it actually playable.

I know, I know – I’m speaking too soon. I can’t help it – that V.A.T.S thing was awesome!

Also from Clubic/ comes another preview that shows in Europe Bethsoft has a tougher sale in their hands, here in a translation from NMA:

The game immediately feels like Oblivion and goes away rather clearly from the previous episodes. It is not really a surprise, but it will probably disappoint some of the nostalgic fans. The dialog system works exactly like Oblivion’s, so does the integration of secondary quests offered by the different NPCs and one soon has the impression of playing a post-apocalyptic remake of that same Oblivion. It is not necessarily a bad thing but the aforementioned nostalgics probably won’t take it too kindly. On the other hand, Elder Scrolls fans will probably be delighted by this changing of universe, especially since the Mad Max atmosphere we were talking of is rather well rendered.


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