Polygamia About Fallout 3

An editorial at Polish site Polygamia about Fallout 3, here on a translation by Ausir at NMA:

Those who think that Blizzard proved that you can do it differently with Diablo 3 forget about the petition saying that the colors shown in Paris are too bright. And the situation is pretty much uncomparable. Blizzard has been operational all the time, is in excellent financial condition and Diablo is a big financial hit. However, I’m far from saying that critique of Bethesda’s work was unnecessary. It was very much needed, and only the makers know how much more Fallout there is in Fallout 3 because of it.[…]

I have only one grievance with Bethesda. This game should not be called Fallout 3. It could have any other name, like Fallout: Super Duper Mart, and it would take care of many of the issues. JoWooD was smarter. The new Gothic game, being made by a different company (Spellbound) than the previous installments (Piranha Bytes) will be called Gothic Tale. Maybe the change is not big, but it takes care of many problems. Besides, other problems like this will soon come up. How much Deus Ex will there be in Deus Ex 3? How much Beyond Good & Evil in Beyond Good & Evil 2? It’s also worth looking at and comparing to Bethesda’s Fallout.


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