It’s Raining SuperMutants

Now it’s the turn of GamerNode, a Q&A at Joystiq, some interesting pictures and a preview at Gaming Nexus, Action Trip warning old Fallout fans that:

Now, I have to say right that the game could be a bit harder to swallow if you are a diehard fan of the Fallout series. Why? Well, primarily because it’s a whole new experience, fundamentally different from earlier Fallout games. The good news is that, from what we’ve seen, Bethesda is still on the right track in terms of creating a truly interesting sci-fi world, in addition to a unique gameplay concept, offering what promises to be a rewarding single-player experience.

And Wired Gamelife agreeing with that:

The key problem with the game though is in the writing. It really feels like someone wrote a fanfic based on the Fallout universe and somehow got the funding to create a game based on it. Though the story and characters are suitably gritty and conflicted, none of them are terribly likeable and the entire thing simply feels like it’s trying too hard to adhere to the tenets of its predecessors.

I predict a heavy backlash from long-time fans. At best Fallout 3 will be the blacksheep of the series: An oddity played only for completion’s sake by those who absolutely adore the original games.

Luckily for Bethesda, the game will sell tons of copies to those gamers less in love with the series’ past if only for its gorgeous graphics, entertaining gameplay and ridiculous levels of gore.

Again spotted most of this at NMA and through numerous anonymous messages on Meebo.


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